“Britam has partnered with M-Tiba to enable customers to access an affordable inpatient medical cover. All M-Tiba customers need to do is simply SMS “Tiba” to 20253. The benefits of the cover include:”

This is an inpatient individual cover. The covered member shall access inpatient health care services at hospitals in the Britam panel only. It also has a funeral
insurance benefit, which is paid in a lump sum to the next of kin in case of demise of the insured member.

Primary member aged 18 – 65 years at entry (joining the scheme) and exits at a maximum of 70 years old.     

Inpatient cover  Ksh. 100,000 Ksh. 200,000 
Maternity cover (post waiting period)  Ksh 20,000 Ksh. 20,000 
Funeral cover Ksh 40,000  Ksh. 40,000 
Annual Premium Per Primary Member Ksh 3,200  Ksh. 4,200 

Any additional dependent (i.e. spouse or child) will contribute additional;
1) KSH. 1,800 for the 100K inpatient benefit category
2) KSH. 2,000 for the 200K inpatient benefit category

An annual premium of Ksh. 3,200/- for Ksh 100,000 inpatient cover option 1 or an annual cost of Ksh. 4,200/- for Ksh 200,000 inpatient cover option 2
Any additional dependent (i.e. spouse or child) will contribute additional;
1) KSH. 1,800 for the Kshs 100,000 inpatient benefit category
2) KSH. 2,000 for the Kshs 200,000 inpatient benefit category

  1. Member will receive an SMS from Britam.
  2. Customers will respond with the word “WEB” to 20253 
  3. Member gets a call from a Britam representative to guide on how to sign up 
  4. After you opt-in, the premium will be deducted from your savings 
  5. You will receive a message when the deduction is done from MTIBA 
  6. Britam will send you an SMS with the date on when the policy will be active 
  7. Britam will also share an SMS with the policy document for further information 
  8. A pass/physical card will be sent to you, which will be used for identification at the hospital, as well as being added on the Britam Ip product on MTIBA (member will receive an SMS after successful registration) 
  9. MTIBA will give you details of the membership number and the current balance 
  1. Daily bed charges and the cost of maintaining any of the Insured Person in a General Ward Bed 
  2. General consultation by a General Practitioner 
  3. Surgeon’s, Physician’s and Anesthetist’s fees and charges for use of operating theatres 
  4. Cost of prescribed effective generics drugs (unless there is serious need to use branded drugs) and dressings 
  5. Laboratory investigations, X-rays, Radiotherapy or Chemotherapy. Scans and Ultrasounds are restricted to only once in a year per person 
  6. Cost of normal child delivery or by way of Caesarean Section up to the limit provided in the Appendix or Schedule of benefits 
  7. Bills incurred on the baby after delivery up to and including day of discharge shall be covered within the limit provided for maternity 
  8. Day care shall not be treated as an inpatient service rather it shall be considered as an outpatient service. 
  9. Chronic conditions (both newly diagnosed, prior diagnosed) and pre-existing conditions shall be covered within the IP Chronic and pre-existing conditions sub-limit benefit. 

To access services members will dial *253# and follow the instrutions.

  • Dial *253# to confirm your validity and present your National ID

• 1 month for natural illness
• 1 month for natural death
• 10 months for maternity and pregnancy-related conditions
• 12 months for surgery

The provider/facility should notify Britam within 24 hours.

It takes 5 working days from the day of submitting the death certificate 

  • ID copy of the deceased 
  • ID copy of the claimant 
  • Copy of burial permit 
  • Filled claim form 

Chronic diseases are conditions that last 1 year or more and require ongoing medical attention or limit activities of daily living or both. Chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, hypertension etc 

Yes, chronic, and pre-existing conditions are covered up to 25% of the inpatient benefit 

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