40% of Kenyans can’t afford to seek treatment from hospitals when they need it, and it’s often those who need it most who have to choose between putting food on their table or paying for healthcare. The #CaseForChange has travelled with Janet Mbugua to Kawangware, a slum near Nairobi where most people live on less than 5 dollars a day. As they often don’t have access to services which let them help prepare for the future they simply don’t plan for it. But now technology is helping people like Irene, who has used connectivity to help save for her hospital bills for her son John. This partnership between Safaricom, CarePay and PharmAccess has helped create mobile payment services like M-TIBA which has given millions of people in the country the chance to take control of their finances and start saving towards those medical emergencies. Our journey is just beginning. Together we can make a difference. Help us make a #CaseForChange