Kenya’s position as a global leader in mobile money means it is ideally placed to capitalise on its mobile technology and digital ecosystem to speed up its journey to Universal Healthcare Coverage (UHC). Digital payments have changed how we bank, transfer money, shop and travel. But two in five Kenyans are not seeking healthcare for financial reasons. The demand for health financing solutions, such as insurance, remains low, despite progress over the last few years.


M-TIBA is filling this gap, as a proven and scalable platform to administer large scale health schemes. It is mobile-based, taking advantage of one of Kenya’s biggest technology developments – with mobile and smartphone penetration now at 95 percent and 50 respectively. M-TIBA, having been developed in Kenya, now has over 4.5 million registered users who are using it for savings and insurance schemes across Africa. It also processes payments to over 2,000 healthcare providers.