Registration into M-TIBA

Who qualifies to register for M-TIBA?

Anyone who is a Safaricom customer above the age of 18 years is eligible to register for M-TIBA

What documents do I need to register for M-TIBA?

You must have a duly registered Safaricom SIM card and be a holder of a valid national identity card or passport.

Who is an M-TIBA agent and what does he / she do?

An M-TIBA agent is an authorised person who can provide information on M-TIBA and help you with the following activities:

  • Registration on M-TIBA
  • Transfer funds from your M-PESA to your M-TIBA
  • Provide a list of healthcare facilities participating in M-TIBA in your area
  • Provide information about promotional offerings on M-TIBA

You are advised not to give cash to M-TIBA agents.

Where can I register for M-TIBA

There are multiple ways to register for M-TIBA:

  • Simply dial *253# and complete the steps in the menu to register
  • An M-TIBA agent will visit you to help you register
  • You can register from any of the facilities that carry the M-TIBA logo
  • You can register by calling the M-TIBA Toll Free line 0800 721253

For MTIBA donor programs and public insurance schemes (UHC), a field agent will visit you and register you and your dependants to the program.

For private and corporate insurance schemes, your company’s HR will do the registration for you and your dependants.

Can I register more than one M-TIBA Account?

No. You can only register one M-TIBA Account.