Is M-TIBA like insurance?

M-TIBA is a health payment platform that can accommodate various sources of funding such as savings, remittances from family members, donor funding for specific (vulnerable) populations or to support specific healthcare needs, and health insurance. M-TIBA is not a risk pool and deposits in M-TIBA health-savings service are not premiums giving access to an extensive

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Can funds on M-TIBA be withdrawn?

Funds on MTIBA can only be used to pay for healthcare at M-TIBA providers. In the case of personal savings and MTIBA deposits from friends and relatives, if one decides to exit M-TIBA, we will pay any remaining funds back to the owner or back to the remitter respectively (withholding transaction charges)

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How does one locate an M-TIBA facility?

You, your relatives or friends can dial *253# and choose “FIND CLINIC” in the main menu. Once they share the name of their location, they receive a list of providers close to them (including distance). For more information or assistance, your relatives or friend can call our customer care center (toll free and 24 hours

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What healthcare services can I pay for using M-TIBA?

M-TIBA funds can be used to pay for outpatient healthcare services and medication. Prices may vary depending on the healthcare facility you choose. The range of outpatient services you can pay for depends on the services your chosen M-TIBA facility can provide and on the amount of funds stored in your M-TIBA. Users are encouraged

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