Can I close my M-TIBA?

es. Please contact the M-TIBA Toll Free line on 0800 721253 for instructions. You will be asked to provide confidential information to verify ownership. However, you are advised to keep your M-TIBA active.

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What happens if I lose my phone?

You will need to call Safaricom Customer Care and get your SIM card blocked. Then you need to get a replacement for the SIM card at your nearest Safaricom Shop. After getting your new SIM card, you can continue using your M-TIBA by dialling *253#.

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How do I change my M-TIBA PIN?

Step 1 - Dial *253# Step 2 – Enter M-TIBA PIN Step 3 - Select option 9: Settings Step 4 – Select Option 1: Change PIN Step 5 - Enter Current PIN Step 6 - Enter New PIN Step 7 - Confirm New PIN You will receive an SMS notification confirming PIN change “Your PIN

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