1. What is M-TIBA?

M-TIBA is a platform that allows you to access your medical scheme. M-TIBA is accessed by dialing

*253# from your mobile phone.

2. What are the Benefits of MTIBA?

  • MTIBA allows you to access your medical benefit on your
  • MTIBA allows you to control the medical benefit from your phone via a PIN and initiating treatments from your
  • The member gets an SMS notification after very
  • The member can view benefit balances on the MTIBA menu via their
  • The member can view his/her dependents eligible to be treated on the benefit on their
  • Your utilization is real-time, and the balances are adjusted after every

Using MTIBA for treatment

3. How do I authorize treatment when I visit a healthcare provider? 

  • Dial *253# (Both Safaricom, Airtel, and Telkom on the number registered on MTIBA)
  • Enter M-TIBA PIN (or press 1 if you have forgotten your PIN)
  • Select Get treatment option
  • Select a recent clinic (1, 2, 3) or enter facility till number (e.g., 465004)
  • Select patient to be treated
  • Select payment method
  • Select benefit either Outpatient/Dental/Optical as a payment method
  • Select YES to Authorize

You will receive an in-app message and a SMS with a transaction number.

4.  Will I need to verify my treatment?

Yes, you will be required to verify your treatment by scanning your fingerprint at the provider of choice.

5.  Where can I use M TIBA?

Any facility in your Insurance provider panel that is MTIBA accredited.

6.  How do I know if my transaction has gone through?

You will receive an SMS notification when you have opened your benefit and another SMS when the healthcare facility has billed your specific benefit. The second SMS will indicate the cost of the services including medication and your MTIBA balance.

7.  Will my dependents be attended to when I am away?

Yes. Your dependents should be able to access service in your absence.

  • Your spouse can access the benefit by dialling *253# on their registered phone number by following the menu prompts to open the treatment. Your spouse’s phone number should be setup to access the
  • You can also authorize his/her treatment from wherever you are if you have the clinic’s Lipa na MTIBA number or till number which is required to open a
  • Your dependant can share primary member’s phone number with the healthcare provider who will create treatment through the MTIBA provider system. The dependent will verify treatment by scanning his/her fingerprints. Upon verification, the provider will proceed to bill on the M- TIBA. The primary member will receive an SMS notification once the transaction is completed.

M-TIBA Self Help

8. How can I check my MTIBA balance?

  • Dial *253#
  • Enter your M-TIBA PIN (or press 1 if you have forgotten your PIN)
  • Select option 2: “My M-TIBA”
  • Select Program
  • Select balance
  • The balance will be displayed against each category i.e., Outpatient/Dental/Optical

9. How do I change/update my M-TIBA PIN?

Below are the steps to follow to change your MTIBA PIN?

  • Step 1 – Dial *253#
  • Step 2 – Enter M-TIBA PIN
  • Step 3 – Select option 4 “Help”.
  • Step 4 – Select Option 1: “Change PIN”
  • Step 5 – Enter Current PIN
  • Step 6 – Enter New PIN
  • Step 7 – Confirm New PIN

You will receive an SMS notification confirming PIN change “Your PIN has been changed”.

10.What if I have forgotten MTIBA PIN/password?

You can reset your pin through the following steps;

  • Dial *253#
  • Enter 1 if you have forgotten your PIN
  • Enter date of Birth e.g. DDMMYYYY (01011963)
  • Enter Identification number
  • Enter new PIN
  • Confirm new PIN

You will receive an SMS notification confirming PIN change “Your PIN has been changed”.

You can also contact MTIBA Call center for PIN reset through 0800721253 or 0709071000

11. How do I find MTIBA accredited facilities near my location?

To find MTIBA accredited facilities, follow the following steps.

  • Dial *253#
  • Enter your MTIBA PIN
  • Select “Find Clinic”
  • Enter your location

The list of healthcare providers near you will be displayed on the screen for you to select

MTIBA Contacts 

12. How do I get in touch with MTIBA for help?

For any support you may need on MTIBA, call our 24hr call center on 0800721253(Toll Free) 0709071000(chargeable) or send an email to customercare@mtiba.co.ke .