5 Tips to Stay Healthy (and Reduce Medical Expenses)

Personal & Family Health Insurance Plans
Personal & Family Health Insurance Plans

It is undeniable that healthcare costs have continued to go through the roof over time, forcing most people to turn to healthy choices to reduce hospital trips. But other than to reduce medical expenses, it is crucial to invest in the most valuable thing you have – your health.

Where to start? Below are five simple and practical tips to keep you healthy (and the doctor away).

1. Exercise Daily

You probably have heard this so much that it has become a bore. Well, then it is about time you do something about it. Scientists have proved that exercising for half an hour a day has great health benefits.

Consider squeezing in your daily routine time for exercising to keep away ailments such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases, and even premature death. This daily habit will also increase your endurance, flexibility and even elevate your mental awareness. So, let’s not skip the gym.

2. Eat Healthily

It will be in vain if you sweat it out at the gym only to down a large pizza later. Take care of what goes into your system as it directly translates into your physical appearance and wellness. Avoid junk foods, sugars, fat, and foods with high calories and minimal nutritional value.

Go green, go healthy! Ensure your serving is preferably organic and correctly portioned. You can easily find a tailored meal plan from numerous sites.

Hydrate! Yes, drink up to 8 glasses of water a day. Water is important to your body cells because it constitutes a majority of its composition. Water also acts as a natural oxidant and helps food digestion lowering any bowel obstructions or indigestion.

3. Moderate Your Pleasure

What is your drug of pleasure? Smoking? Alcohol?

Smoking is a health risk, and it increases the chances of respiratory tract infections and a higher mortality rate. It also leads to increased medical expenses to treat conditions that may be too advanced to save. We recommend trying out boxing to get that dopamine kicking in place of emptying a pack of cigarettes a day.

We also suggest avoiding excessive drinking of alcohol. This way, you stay away from liver cirrhosis, some cases of depression, and accidents resulting from drinking under the influence of alcohol.

4. Do not Forget Medical Check-Ups

The steps above will indeed reduce your visits to the doctor. However, you will require routine health check-ups once in a while. Be sure to go for occasional screenings, prenatal care, vaccinations, and regular doctors’ appointments. Some check-ups are usually free while others will attract a minimal fee.

In case you already have health insurance cover, take advantage of the health benefits offered, such as free or discounted services like ear, eye and dental check-ups.

5. Purchase a Dependable Health Cover

You have done all that is within your control. But sometimes, you will still have to deal with unwanted sickness. Therefore, it is essential to enroll in a health insurance scheme that covers such eventualities.

A reliable health insurance cover will take the worry of medical bills out of your hands as you focus on getting well. Some come with perks and benefits such as gym or swimming memberships that will reduce your monthly budget while keeping your health in check.

Talk to your provider about customized health insurance that best suits your needs. You can also consider putting aside some emergency funds in a savings or investment account.


Health is wealth. Investing your time and effort in a healthy lifestyle may seem like an uphill task but it is worth every minute of it.

Good health is a gift that we should all cherish and do our best to guard, especially the things that lie within our control. Eat more fruits and vegetables, drink water, and stay active – it will give you a long healthy life and save you a lot of medical bills!


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