CarePay’s M-TIBA is the proven health financing platform, helping governments reach their goal of delivering universal healthcare coverage. It revolutionizes the management of large-scale health schemes through its payments integrator and health system management tools.

CarePay is partnering with governments and social insurers to provide all citizens with the means to pay for and access affordable healthcare. Our scalable platform provides smart intelligence to health administrators to help them to manage national health schemes that incorporate funding from a range of sources.

Some of the benefits of using M-TIBA

  1. Partnerships with leading social insurers – like NHIF in Kenya and ICHF in Tanzania.
  2. Enhanced expansion, enrolment, and retention of health schemes.
  3. Fast, simple, and cost-effective (self)enrolment process via any mobile device.
  4. Improved access to the uninsured.
  5. Integrated data exchange across the health ecosystem.
  6. Real-time identification of benefit eligibility.
  7. Data acquisition and analytics improves scheme management.
  8. Insights to drive policy formulation, investment decisions, and epidemic responses.