No more cards! I manage my health insurance policy on my mobile, through M-TIBA

The benefits of going card-less 

  • Secure access and PIN-enabled control of your medical benefits on your phone 
  • Instantly initiate treatment on your phone  
  • Balances are adjusted immediately after every treatment  
  • Get an SMS notification after every utilization 
  • View benefit balances on the M-TIBA menu  
  • Check your dependents eligibility and their benefit utilization. 

What to do at a hospital or clinic

Dial *253# (On Safaricom, Airtel, and Telkom) 

Enter M-TIBA PIN (Press 1 if you have forgotten) 

  1. Press 1 to initiate a treatment 
  1. Select a recent clinic or enter the Till Number of the facility 
  1. Select the patient to be treated 
  1. Select the payment method 
  1. Select your insurance scheme and then either Outpatient/Dental/Optical as the payment method 
  1. Press 1 to authorize 

You will receive an in-app message and an SMS with a transaction number.