Affordable Healthcare in the palm of your hands

M-TIBA is the leading health financing technology platform for consumers, insurers, healthcare providers and governments. It is a proven health system integrator that is revolutionizing the management of large-scale health schemes and supporting the drive for universal health coverage in Africa.

Private Insurance

No more cards! I manage my health insurance policy on my mobile, through M-TIBA

Corporate Funds

I receive medical funds from
my employer via M-TIBA

Donor Programs

Through M-TIBA, I can securely disperse special funds for malaria, COVID-19, maternal health, and more

Public Insurance

I receive government or public
insurance services via M-TIBA


Britam has partnered with M-Tiba to enable customers to access an affordable inpatient medical cover.

Cash Advance

M-TIBA is a health finance platform, integrating payments and revolutionizing health schemes to drive healthcare inclusion in Africa.