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Grow your healthcare business with flexible and affordable loans.

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Access up to KES 40M working capital

Cash Advance is a working capital loan program designed to provide financial assistance to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the healthcare sector in Kenya. It is a partnership between M-TIBA, the leading health financing technology platform in Kenya, and the Medical Credit Fund Africa (MCFA), a fund that provides financing to healthcare providers.

How can you grow your healthcare business with Cash Advance?

Easy Access to Affordable Loans

No collateral for loans up to KES 40 million. Get a flexible re-payment plan through MPESA tills transactions.

Low Interest Rates

Pay interest rates lower than market averages. After your first re-payment access new loans directly through your mobile phone.

Grow Traffic at Your Facility

Reach new patients by offering your services directly on our platform or the MPESA App.

More time for Patients

No more paper work by digitising your administration and get valuable insights to optimise your business operations

Happy Cash Advance Clients

700+ Health Facilities are already growing with Cash Advance

Designed with your healthcare business in mind.

Who Can Access Cash Advance loans?

Healthcare SMEs

Hospitals, health centers, dispensaries, maternity homes, dental clinics, optical clinics, nurse-driven clinics, etc.

Specialist Care Providers

Diagnostic centers, laboratories, and pharmacies.

Healthcare Businesses

Catering to health facilities, distributors of drugs, training institutes and equipment providers.

Cash Advance Applications

What Can You use Cash Advance For?

Inventory Management & Pharmacy Restock

Replenish pharmacy stocks to ensure that patients have access to the necessary medications and supplies without interruption.

Business Expansion

Fund new initiatives, such as opening new branches, or expanding service offerings, to grow the healthcare business and reach a wider patient base.

Salaries Payment

Cover the salaries of your healthcare professionals and staff to ensure the smooth operation of the healthcare facility through Cash Advance.

Rent Payment

Cover monthly rent payments for your healthcare facility premises with ease through Cash Advance.

Technology Adoption and Digital Transformation

Finance adoption of technology solutions, such as EMRs and appointment scheduling software, to modernize healthcare practices and enhance efficiency, and streamline administrative processes.

Staff Recruitment & Training

Cash Advance can be used to recruit qualified healthcare professionals, such as nurses, clinicians, and technicians, to strengthen the healthcare team and expand service offerings.

Marketing & Patient Outreach

Finance promotional materials, advertising campaigns, and community outreach programs to increase visibility and attract new patients to the healthcare facility.

Equipment Acquisition & Upgrades

Purchase new medical equipment or upgrade existing equipment to ensure that healthcare facilities remain up-to-date and provide quality care.

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About Medical Credit Fund (MCF)

The Medical Credit Fund (MCF) was established in 2009 as part of the PharmAccess Group, with a simple vision: to increase access to better healthcare services in sub-Saharan Africa for low-income patients.

In complementing the public health system across Africa, the private healthcare sector faces many challenges. Predominately, limited capacity and quality of care. For small and medium enterprises (SMEs), it is even more challenging to access loans to invest and expand their healthcare businesses and services.

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