Cash Advance for healthcare providers

Grow your healthcare business with flexible and affordable loans

Cash advance is a short-term digital loan for healthcare businesses, offered by the Medical Credit Fund (MCF), through the M-TIBA platform.

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How can you grow
with cash advance?

Access up to KES 40M working capital for your healthcare business

apply on your mobile phone

receive the funds immediately

no collateral required

automatic re-payment with M-PESA

Happy cash advance clients

700+ health facilities already growing with cash advance

Designed for healthcare businesses

Who can access cash advance loans?

Healthcare SMEs

Hospitals, health centers, dispensaries, maternity homes, dental clinics, optical clinics, nurse-driven clinics, etc.

Specialist care providers

Diagnostic centers, laboratories, and pharmacies.

Healthcare businesses

Catering to health facilities, distributors of drugs, training institutes and equipment providers.

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About Medical Credit Fund (MCF)

The Medical Credit Fund (MCF) was established in 2009 as part of the PharmAccess Group, with a simple vision: to increase access to better healthcare services in sub-Saharan Africa for low-income patients.

In complementing the public health system across Africa, the private healthcare sector faces many challenges. Predominately, limited capacity and quality of care. For small and medium enterprises (SMEs), it is even more challenging to access loans to invest and expand their healthcare businesses and services.

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