Ensuring peace of mind throughout your journey

In partnership with AAR insurance Kenya, M-TIBA distributes an emergency accident medical cover for passengers who are traveling in long-distance public service vehicles. 

Currently, we have partnered with 4NTE Sacco and 2NK Sacco to provide this accident cover along the following direct routes:

  • Nyeri ⮂ Nakuru Route

Get protected through your journey

Get Covered through your journeys with a KES 250,000 benefit

The Kinga Afya accident cover is inclusive of your transport fees and actively covers you through your trip.

Timely evacuation, stabilization and treatment

Incase of an accident during the covered trip, M-TIBA will ensure that you are evacuated from the scene and your medical treatment is covered.

Access quality and enhanced treatment and care

Our extensive network of healthcare providers along your route will ensure you get the treatment you require.

The cover

In case of an accident of the vehicle, passengers with the M-TIBA cover are covered for medical treatment that is directly resulting from the vehicle accident

*This cover is only valid for the duration of the trip for which the ticket was bought.

Healthcare Facilities

Kinga Afya has partnered with healthcare facilities across the country to ensure the provision of timely and quality emergency care. Search for a healthcare provider by name, county, sub-county, or township.

No.CountyTownProvider Name
1KiambuKiambuAIC Kijabe Hospital - Main
2KiambuRuiruArise Hospital - Ruiru
3KiambuOtherNaidu Hospital
4KiambuRuiruPlainsview Nursing Home
5KiambuOtherSt. Matia Mulumba Mission Hospital
6KiambuRuiruThe Lifeline Group Of Hospitals - Kahawa West Branch
7KiambuOtherThika Nursing Home Limited - Section 9
8KiambuOtherVineyard Hospital Thika
9KiambuJujaKalimoni Mission Hospital - Juja
10KiambuKiambuSt. Mary's Mother And Child Hospital
11KiambuRuiruKalimoni Mission Hospital - Ruiru
12KiambuThikaAvenue Healthcare Thika
13KiambuRuiruMedilife Hospital Limited- Ruiru
14KiambuRuiruFocus Medical Maternity And Rehab Centre
15KiambuKiambuRadiant Group Of Hospitals - Kiambu Hospital
16KiambuRuiruTender Touch Rehabilitation - Kahawa Wendani
17KiambuLimuruLimuru Nursing Home
18KiambuKikuyuPCEA Kikuyu Hospital
19KiambuKikuyuAfrihospital Holdings Limited- Lifecare Hospital Kikuyu
20KiambuKikuyuPCEA Kikuyu Hospital - Eye Unit
21KiambuKikuyuPCEA Kikuyu Hospital - Orthopedic Unit
22KirinyagaKirinyaga West.Kagio Nursing Home
23KirinyagaKirinyaga CentralKaratina Nursing Home - Kerugoya
24LaikipiaLaikipia EastMother Angela Huruma Hospital
25LaikipiaLaikipia EastNanyuki Cottage Hospital
26LaikipiaNyahururuPope Benedict XVI Dispensary
27LaikipiaNyahururuCharity Medical Hospital
28LaikipiaNyahururuGoodhope Nursing Home -Nyahururu
29LaikipiaLaikipia EastNanyuki Teaching And Referral Hospital
30LaikipiaNyahururuNyahururu Private Hospital
31LaikipiaNyahururuOljabet Town Clinic
32MurangaMurang'a SouthKenol Hospital
33MurangaMurang'a SouthFamily Heritage Hospital Ltd-Main
34MurangaMathioyaKiria-Ini Mission Hospital
35MurangaMathioyaKiriaini Consolata Hospital(Kiriaini Mission Hospital) -Muranga
36MurangaKigumoModern Aberdare View Hospital
37NairobiKasaraniJacaranda Maternity Kahawa West
38NairobiKasaraniKasarani Maternity & Nursing Home
39NairobiMathareMundika Maternity And Nursing Home
40NairobiKasaraniNimoli Medical Services -Kasarani
41NairobiKasaraniPrudent Cottage Hospital
42NairobiKasaraniPrudent Medical Centre And Maternity Home
43NairobiKasaraniJacaranda Maternity Kahawa West
44NairobiKasaraniRuaraka Uhai Neema Hospital
45NairobiKasaraniSt. Francis Community Hospital Kasarani
46NairobiKasaraniSt. Johns Hospital Ltd
47NairobiMathareJumuia Hospital - Huruma
48NairobiKasaraniMegalife Hospital-Ruai
49NairobiRoysambuKenyatta University Teaching, Referral And Research Hospital
50NakuruNaivashaFlamingo Medical Center
51NakuruNaivashaAic Kijabe Hospital - Naivasha Medical Centre
52NakuruNaivashaMt Longonot Medical Services Ltd
53NakuruNaivashaNairobi Womens Hospital - Naivasha
54NakuruGilgilSt. Mary's Mission Hospital - Elmentaita (Rift Valley)
55NyandaruaKinangopNorth Kinangop Catholic Hospital
56NyandaruaKinangopOl Jabet Medical Hospital
57NyandaruaOl KalouThe Pine Hospital Limited
58NyeriMukurwe-iniAvenue Diagnostics
59NyeriMukurwe-iniVirgin Hospital
60NyeriNyeri centralOutspan Hospital - Main
61NyeriMukurwe-iniAvenue Medical And Diagnostic Clinic
62NyeriMathira EastJamii Hospital
63NyeriMathira EastKaratina Nursing Home - Karatina
64NyeriKieni WestMary Immaculate Hospital - Mweiga
65NyeriNyeri SouthMathingira Medical Clinic
66NyeriMathira EastPCEATumutumu Missions Hospital
67NyeriOtherThe Outspan Hospital Diagonistic Center -Nyeri
68NyeriMathira EastSt Patrick Nursing Home - Nyeri
69NyeriOtherPcea Mahiga Medical And Maternity Home
70NyeriOthayaMathingira Hospital -Othaya
71NyeriOtherAvenue Medical And Diagnostics Centre - Othaya
72NyeriKieni WestMuruguru Maternity And Nursing Home

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