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“No more worries about unexpected high bills and bad service. I am so happy I know my family and I are able to access service with ease, I got good support through my pregnancy journey. Asante Sana M-TIBA!”

Ruth Njeri, M-TIBA Member

“Being able to access my benefits and limits 24/7 on my phone for my Jcare cover is very comforting. My dependents can access care even when I am not around, I’m always in control. Thanks M-TIBA!”

Nyawira Muraguri, M-TIBA Member

“Good care by customer service and got good support from the clinics I visit for my specialised treatments! With their guidance I was able to make a good decision and manage my cover benefits efficiently “

Phillip Miyogi, M-TIBA Member

Frequently Asked Questions

M-TIBA is a platform that enables you to access your medical scheme and benefits.

M-TIBA is accessed by dialing *253# on your mobile phone or on the M-PESA App

  • M-TIBA enables you to access your medical benefit on your phone.
  • M-TIBA enables you to control your medical benefits directly from your phone via a PIN. You can initiate treatments for you or your loved ones from your phone, wherever you are.
  • You will always get an SMS notification after very utilization, indicating the amount you were billed for treatments.
  • You can view your benefit balances on the M-TIBA menu via their phone.
  • You can view, add your dependants, who will be eligible to be treated on your health cover benefit on their phone.
  • Your utilization is real-time, and the balances are adjusted after every treatment.
  • No more confusion on what you can access with your health cover, you are directly in control.
  1. Receive an SMS from M-TIBA that your insurance provided health cover is ready
  2. Dial *253# on your phone and choose a secure PIN for access
  3. During your first treatment, simply provide your fingerprint for faster identification
  1. Dial *253# on your phone
  2. Input 1 to sign in
  3. Enter your date of birth
  4. Identify yourself with ID or Passport
  5. Enter your ID or Passport number
  6. Enter your insurance membership number
  7. Set a pin

kindly call our toll-free customer service number 0800 721 253 incase you need assistance.

  1. Dial *253# on your phone
  2. Enter your M-TIBA PIN
  3. Select MY M-TIBA
  4. Select your organizations name
  5. Select balance
  6. View your balance per benefits
  • Dial *253#
  • Enter your M-TIBA PIN (or press 1 if you have forgotten your PIN)
  • Select option 2: “My M-TIBA”
  • Select benefit eg. My Health Funds
  • The balance will be displayed against each category i.e. Outpatient/Dental/Optical.
  • In case of insufficient funds, you will be required to top up the difference in cash after seeking treatment.

M-TIBA has partnered with more than 4,200 healthcare providers to get you the care you need.

Once you join, a provider panel will be shared with you, to let you know which health facilities you can visit.

In case you are away and your dependant is seeking treatment;

  • They’ll introduce themselves to the cashier that they are seeking services on M-TIBA
  • Share the primary member’s phone number for the provider to initiate the treatment on their behalf.
  • Dial *253# (Both Safaricom, Airtel and Telkom on the number registered on MTIBA).
  • Enter M-TIBA PIN (or press 1 if you have forgotten your PIN).
  • Press 1 to initiate a treatment.
  • Select recent clinic (1, 2, 3) or enter hospital’s Till Number (e.g. 465004)
  • Select patient to be treated.
  • Select Payment Method
  • Select benefit e.g My Health Funds either Outpatient/Dental/Optical as payment method.
  • Press 1 to Authorize.
  • You will receive an in-app message and a SMS with a transaction number.
  • After authorizing treatment, you’ll be required to verify your fingerprint in order to proceed.
  • You can now access the care you need.

Please contact M-TIBA (0800 722 001) minimum 48 hours before your treatment to be guided. 

At the hospital:

  1. Mention that you have insurance through the M-TIBA
  2. Mention your organization’s name
  3. The hospital will request pre-authorization from M-TIBA when you initiate the treatment
  4. Present your NHIF card to the hospital
  5. The Hospital will assist with the NHIF form and sign it

If you can’t access your benefits, you can change it as follows;

  • Step 1 – Dial *253#
  • Step 2 – Enter M-TIBA PIN
  • Step 3 – Select option 4 “Help”
  • Step 4 – Select Option 2: “Change PIN”
  • Step 5 – Enter Current PIN
  • Step 6 – Enter New PIN
  • Step 7 – Confirm New PIN

You will receive an SMS notification confirming PIN change “Your PIN has been changed”.

If you have forgotten your PIN, you can reset it as follows:

  • Dial *253#
  • press 1 if you have forgotten your PIN
  • Enter date of Birth e.g. DDMMYYYY (01011963)
  • Enter Identification number
  • Enter new PIN
  • Confirm new PIN
  • Your PIN has been changed

You will receive an SMS notification confirming PIN change “Your PIN has been changed”.

You can also contact the M-TIBA Customer care for PIN reset support on 0800 721 253.


  1. At the hospital: Simply inform the receptionist or cashier you have insurance accessed through M-TIBA and share your organisation’s name 
  2. Choose approved healthcare providers: In case of emergencies, go to the nearest care
  3. Check your invoice: Before leaving the hospital, make sure everything is accurate. Only sign if correct
  4. Admitted? Show your M-TIBA and present your NHIF card to the hospital
  5. Need help? Call M-TIBA: We’re here 24/7! Dial 0800 722  001
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