Uko sorted barabarani na Kinga Afya

Kinga Afya is a healthcare cover that protects you against medical costs in the very unfortunate event that you get into an accident on the road. It’s a product from M-TIBA & AAR.

Peace of mind on the road through Kinga Afya.

Kinga Afya is a healthcare cover that protects you against medical costs in the very unfortunate event that you get into an accident.

The cover is specifically for you and can only be used by you. Once you have identified yourself with your active Kinga Afya account at the hospital, your bills will be covered directly up to your limits. There is no need for out-of-pocket payment in case you still have your limits!

Kinga Afya is a product from M-TIBA & AAR. M-TIBA will be your point of contact for all your questions & services.

What is covered under Kinga Afya?

Medical costs related to accident

Limit: 200,000 Ksh.

Emergency evacuation with an ambulance

Limit: 10,000 Ksh.

Medical costs related to chest infections

Limit: 10,000 Ksh.

Income compensation in case of temporary disability as result of accident

3000 Ksh per week, max of 4 weeks

Daily compensation during hospitalization as result of accident

750 Ksh per day, max 30 days

Compensation in case of permanent disability as result of accident

Limit: 1,500,000 Ksh.

Pay out in case of fatal accident

Limit: 1,000,000 Ksh.

Product Scope

Services Covered Under Other Hospital Admissions (Inpatient)

  • Hospital Accommodation Charges.
  • Doctor’s fees; Physician, Surgeon,
  • Drugs/Medicines, Dressings and Internal
    Surgical appliances.
  • Pathology, X-rays and Ultrasounds
  • Daycare surgery not directly caused by
  • Home nursing care
  • Discharge drugs up to 1 week after
  • Acute illness

Services Covered Under Other Outpatient

  • Consultations, Laboratory
    investigations and X-rays,
  • Prescription medicines, Outpatient
    procedures, dressings, and treatment
    arising out of sickness or accidents.
  • General Counseling Services
  • Day Care Surgery under Local

Services Covered Under Other Accident Cover

  • Emergency Evacuation
  • Day care surgery for accidents
    related cases

Kinga Afya FAQs

These are the injuries sustained in accidents involving your bike, such as collisions with other vehicles, Boda-Bodas or Bikes, single-bike accidents, and accidents caused by road hazards.

As a bike rider, you are exposed to various respiratory infections, which can be caused by factors such as exposure to cold weather, air pollution, and dust while riding leading to conditions like Bronchitis and Pneumonia.

In the event that you are hospitalized due to illness or injury, this benefit provides you with a financial buffer to enable you to take care of your day-to-day needs since you will be away from work. The income compensation will start after being longer than 24hrs in the hospital

In the event you are unable to work because of injuries linked to the accident, this benefit provides you with a financial buffer to enable you to take care of your day-to-day needs. This should be confirmed by your doctor and agreed upon by the M-TIBA medical team

 When you are in an accident, or a medical emergency, Kinga Afya covers the cost of ambulance services. We have a special emergency phone number that you can call so that we can send the nearest provider to the scene of the accident and bring you to the hospital.

This benefit offers financial support in the unfortunate event that you experience a disabling injury or illness that results in a permanent disability. Kinga Afya will provide you with financial security and peace of mind when facing life-altering circumstances.

This benefit ensures that you and your loved ones can navigate the financial aspects of funerals, burials, and other related expenses with ease and peace of mind.

We'd love to hear from you.

In case of any questions, kindly contact our customer care team which is available 24/7 via
Phone no. (Toll-Free): 0800-721 253 or 0709-071 000

Healthcare Facilities

Kinga Afya has partnered with healthcare facilities across the country to ensure the provision of timely and quality emergency care. Search for a healthcare provider by name, county, sub-county, or township.

NoCountySub-CountyProvider NamePhysical address
1BaringoBaringo CentralBarnet Memorial Medical CentreStadium Road, Kabarnet Town
2BaringoBaringo CentralReale Hospital - KabarnetKabarnet Cbd, Kipnyekwei
3BaringoOtherMERCY MISSION HOSPITALBaringo, Market Road,
4BometBomet EastBliss GVS Clinic - BometKosal Plaza Opposite Bomet Main Stage
5BometChepalunguSiloam Hospital -BometOpposite Green Stadium
6BometBomet CentralTenwek Hospital -BometAlong Bomet-Silibwet Road
7BometBomet CentralTenwek Hospital Annex BometBomet Town
8BometBomet CentralTenwek Hospital (Eye & Dental Clinic) -BometOpposite Tenwek High School
9BungomaOtherSt Marys Hospital -MumiasMumias Town
11BungomaBungoma WestSt Damiano Medical CentreAlong - Bungoma - Mumias Road
12BungomaWebuye WestBliss GVS Healthcare Limited - WebuyeT-Junction Road
13BungomaKimilili-BungomaBliss Helathcare Limited KimililiBungoma
14BungomaBungoma CentralCanon Medical Hospital LimitedKanduyi ,Opposite Toyota Kenya Showroom And Service Centre
15BungomaBumulaThe Hopkins Crescent Hospital LtdBungoma- Kandunyi Bungoma Rd
16BungomaBungoma WestThe Bungoma Children's' Clinic (Dr. Dickens Lubanga)Tronic Building Opposite Easy Coach
17BungomaKimililiKory Family Hospital - KimililiBungoma - Kimilili Town
18BungomaBungoma CentralConnection Healthcare BungomaBehind Cooperative Opposite Jamia Mosque
19BungomaBungoma CentralNabuala Hospital - BungomaManyanja Market Along Kanduyi-Chwele Road
20BungomaBungoma CentralEquity Afia Medical Centre- BungomaBehind the governor's office next to zabibu hotel
21BungomaWebuye WestMaxicare Sunrise Ltd HospitalWebuye Town On Kmtc Road Opposite The County Commisioners Offices
22BusiaBusiaTanaka Nursing Home LimitedOff Busia Kisumu Road, Plot 6285
23BusiaTeso NorthAppex Hospital -MalabaHealth Centre,Maternity And Nursing Home (Level 4)
24BusiaBunyalaPesi Medical Centre -BusiaOff Busia -Kisumu Road Next To Baptist Church
25BusiaBusiaBliss GVS Healthcare Limited BusiaBehind Family Bank Along Busia Kisumu Highway
26Elgeyo_MarakwetMarakwet WestBliss GVS Healthcare Ltd - ItenMango House | Iten
27Elgeyo_MarakwetMarakwet WestAIC Kapsowar Mission HospitalElgeyo Marakwet
28EmbuEmbu NorthEmbu Childrens Hospital (TENRI) - MajimboOff Embu - Kiritri Rd, Next To Cereal
29EmbuEmbu EastFocus Clinical and Diagnostic Center - IshiaraIshiara
30EmbuEmbu EastFocus Clinical and Diagnostic Center - EmbuEmbu
31EmbuEmbu WestLiberty Nursing HomeEmbu
32EmbuEmbu EastQueens and Kings Health Centre- (AKM Health)Located 500M From Siakago Centre
33EmbuEmbu EastFocus Clinical and Diagnostic Center - Embu Faith HouseEmbu Faith House
34EmbuOtherImara Mediplus HospitalEmbu-Meru Rd, Njue Plaza, 2Nd Flr (Faulu Bank Building)
35EmbuEmbu NorthConsolata Kyeni HospitalMeru- Nairobi Highway
36EmbuEmbu NorthJoykim Nursing HomeMama Ngina Street Opposite Naivas Supermarket In Embu Town
37EmbuEmbu NorthSt Nicholas CFW ClinicLocated At Kibugu Shoping Centre, Embu
38EmbuEmbu NorthSt Anthony CFW ClinicLocated At Kathangari Shop Centre (Kathangariri Market Near The Post Bank Post), Embu
39EmbuEmbu EastGalilee Medical CenterFirst Floor Kcb Building, Embu Town
40EmbuEmbu EastBliss GVS Healthcare EmbuLocated At Embu Town Behind Posta Kenya Building
41EmbuEmbu EastOur Lady of Lourdes -Embu TownOpposite Post Office Embu Town
42EmbuEmbu EastBliss GV Medical Centre - EmbuEmbu, Tujenge Plaza
43EmbuOtherCounty Medical Center Embu LtdEmbu Nairobi Highway Near Embu Sewerage Police Road Block Embu
44EmbuMbeere NorthImara Mediplus Hospital limitedAlong Embu Kiritiri Road
45EmbuManyattaEquity Afia Medical Center - EmbuAlong Kubukubu Kiritiri Road,Mugo Shopping Centre
46GarissaGarissaMedina Hospital Limited -GarissaHospital Road
47GarissaGarissaIslamic Hospital Garissa LtdBiashara Street, Opp Hulgo Hotel, Garissa
48GarissaGarissaMedina Diagnostics -GarissaMiraa Road Opposite Barclay'S Bank
49GarissaGarissaAlliance Medical Centre Garissa LimitedMabruk House, Junction Of Miraa Road
50GarissaGarissaBliss GVS Medical Centre - GarissaBliss Garissa Along Sankuri Road, Opposite Immigration Offices
51GarissaFafiAsad Medical Centre- GarissaFafi Garissa
52Homa_bayRachuonyo SouthMatata Nursing HomeOyugis Kisumu Road, Oyugis Town
53Homa_bayRachuonyo NorthKendu Adventist HospitalKenndubay
54Homa_bayHoma BayST.PAUL'S MISSION HOSPITAL- HOMABAYNext To Homabay Cathedral Catholic Church
55Homa_bayRachuonyo SouthHawi Family Hospital -HomabayOpp Kasimba Primary
56Homa_baySuba NorthTudor Healthcare -SindoSindo Market
57Homa_baySuba NorthTudor Healthcare -MbitaMbita Cbd
58Homa_bayHoma BayBliss GVS Healthcare-HomabayNext Mwalimu National Bank
59Homa_baySuba SouthSuba-Subcounty HospitalSindo Market Suba
60Homa_baySuba SouthThe Sanura Medical CentreSindo Market
61Homa_bayMbitaSori lakeside Hospital- SindoAlong Moi Girls Sindo Road
62IsioloIsioloGalaxy Hospital Limited - IsioloLocated At Isiolo Town Behind Madiba Hotel
63IsioloIsioloHealth Pact Medical CentreSaadah Building Isiolo County
64IsioloIsioloAvi Matercare Hospital -IsioloAlong Airport Road Isiolo County
65IsioloIsioloIsiolo Medical CentreIsiolo County Behind Bomen Hotel
66IsioloIsiolo NorthGalaxy Hospital Isiolo - Archers PostAlong Marsabit - Isiolo Highway
67KajiadoKajiado NorthZamzam Medical ServicesNgong Town Behind Equity Bank
68KajiadoKajiado NorthWama Nursing Home200M From Tumaini Supermarket Which Is Opposite Uchumi Supermarket, Kajiado
69KajiadoDagorettiMELCHIZEDEK HOSPITAL - NGONG OUTPATIENT CENTREJuanco Centre, Vet Area, Nxt To Naivas. Ngong Town
70Kajiado IsinyaNairobi Womens Hospital - KitengelaKitengela
71KajiadoKajiado NorthNairobi Womens Hospital - RongaiRongai
72Kajiado IsinyaKitengela Medical Services - KitengelaKitengela, Opposite Epz
73KajiadoKajiado NorthGarlands Medical Center - Doctors PlazaLocated At Rongai, Along Magadi Road Opposite Kcb Bank
74KajiadoKajiado NorthGarlands Medical CenterThe Focus Place, Ground Floor Ongata Rongai, Along Magadi Road
75KajiadoKajiado NorthEquity Afia Medical Centre - RongaiThe Siron Place, 1St Floor
76Kajiado IsinyaFavour Medical ServicesIsinya Town Next To Police Station
77KajiadoKajiado NorthSinai Hospital RongaiRongai Along Magadi Road
78KajiadoKajiado NorthFatima Mission HospitalMagadi Road Kajiado North
79KajiadoOtherShalom Community Hospital- KajiadoNext To Ack Church Kajiado
80KajiadoOtherSt Paul's Hospital - KitengelaAlong Namanga Road
81KajiadoKajiado NorthPenda Health Medical Centre-RongaiRongai Next Tuskys
82KajiadoOtherKitengela Medical Services-KitengelaKajiado Town
83KajiadoOtherEquity Afia KitengelaMaasai Louge Kitengela
84KajiadoKajiado NorthThe King David Hospital - NgongNgong Business Arcade
85KajiadoLang'ataEquity Afia Medical Centre - NgongNgong Heights
86KajiadoKajiado EastAthi Complex - Galaxy HospitalKitengela (Off - The Kitengela Prisons Road)
87KajiadoOtherPCEA Kikuyu Hospital MatasiaTasya Mart Ngong'
88KajiadoKajiado CentralPenda Health Medical Center- NgongNgong'Town Opposite Cooporative Bank
89KajiadoKajiado NorthEquity Afia Medical centre - KiserianLake Oil Kiserian
90KajiadoOtherCurafa medical centre- TualaTuala Town Kajiado
91KajiadoKajiado CentralCity Eye Hospital- NgongMilele Mall- Ngong
92KajiadoKajiado NorthCliniva Medical CenterMilele Mall, Ngong Town
93KakamegaKakamega CentralNala Community HospitalAlong Muruli Road Off Mumias Road
94KakamegaKakamega CentralKakamega Central Maternity and Nursing Home LtdAlong Canon Awori Street, Opposite Kito Phamarcy
95KakamegaOtherVirhembe Community Nursing HomeKhayega -Rondo Resort Road
96KakamegaLikuyaniMatunda Maternity and Nursing HomeAlong Eldoret-Kitale Highway
97KakamegaKakamega CentralSonar Imaging Centre - KakamegaAt Mega Mall, Mezzanine Floor Opposite Muliro Gardens
98KakamegaKakamega SouthShibwe sub county hospitalAbout 1Km Past Dc'S Offices/ Subcounty Offices
99KakamegaKakamega CentralSt. Elizabeth Hospital MukumuMukumu Near Khayega Market Kakamega-Kisumu Road, Kakamega
100KakamegaOtherLupe Medical Centre LurambeLurambe, Off Webuye Road Kakamega County
101KakamegaKakamega CentralBliss GVS Medical Center - KakamegaTuskeys Building Kakamega
102KakamegaOtherMedicross Medical Centre - MumiasAlong Bungoma-Kakamega Highway
103KakamegaKakamega CentralEquity Afia Medical -KakamegaWallias Centre
104KakamegaLikuyaniAppex Panpaper Medical CentreKakamega Opp Likuyani Kmtc
105KakamegaKakamega CentralFamily Care Medical Center (FHOK) -KakamegaKakamega Town Cannon Awori Street
106KerichoKericho EastSiloam Hospital -KerichoKisumu/Kericho Junction -Nairobi Highway Next To Cheboin
107KerichoOtherSt Leonards HospitalIn Nyagacho Centre , Along Kipchimchim -Matobo Road
108KerichoSoin SigowetAic Litein Hospital -KerichoLitein Hospital Road Kericho
109KerichoKericho EastBliss GVS Healthcare Ltd - KerichoGreenspan Square Mall | Nakuru-Bomet Road
110KiambuKiambuKiambu Medical CentreOpposite Kiambu District Hospital
111KiambuRuiruFocus Medical Maternity and Rehab CentreLocated At Githurai 45 Near Administration Police Station Behind Brainston Academy
112KiambuRuiruPlainsview Nursing HomeAlong Thika Road, Ruiru Opposite Zetech University, Near Total Petrol Station
113KiambuOtherBliss GVS Clinic - Thika Kwame Nkurumah Road, Mutang'A House, Groundfloor, Thika
114KiambuKiambuRadiant Group of Hospitals - Kiambu HospitalAlong Kiambu-Githunguri Road Near New County Offices
115KiambuOtherThika Nursing Home Limited - Section 9Near Tuskys Chania, Off Kenyatta Road
116KiambuJujaCaremax Health Ltd -JujaJuja City Mall
117KiambuOtherSt. Matia Mulumba Mission HospitalThika - Makongeni, Off Thika Garissa Road Opposite Polysack Factory
118KiambuOtherNaidu HospitalHaile Selassie Avenue, Next To Chania Girls, Thika
119KiambuRuiruThe Lifeline Group of Hospitals - Membley BranchAt Membley Shell Petrol Station, Along Eastern Bypass
120KiambuRuiruPenda Medical Center Githurai 45Githurai 45 At Chuma Mbili
121KiambuKikuyuPCEA Kikuyu HospitalKikuyu Town, Within Pcea Mission Area
122KiambuLariAIC Cure International Hospital -KijabeKijabe, Next To Aic Kijabe Hospital
123KiambuOtherEquity Afia Medical Centre - Thika79 West
124KiambuRuiruEquity Afia Medical Centre - RuiruLilly House
125KiambuKikuyuEquity Afia Medical Centre - KikuyuLive Well House, Opposite Posta
126KiambuRuiruPenda Medical Center Kahawa WendaniKahawa Wendani Stage, Next To Magunas.
127KiambuKiambuBliss GVS Medical Centre -KiambuTelkom Building, Ground Floor Opp Kiambu Level 3
128KiambuKiambuEquity Afia Medical Centre - KiambuPongezi Plaza Along Biashara Street Opposite Kangangi Market
129KiambuRuiruEquity Afia -Ruiru BypassNorthpark Hub Naivas Mall
130KiambuLimuruEquity Afia Medical Centre -LimuruGitungo House. Ground Floor
131KiambuJujaEquity Afia Medical Centre - JujaKalimoni Highway View Plaza
132KiambuKiambaaRuai Family Hospital - Ruaka BranchRuaka - Elizaphan Building, Behind Quick Mart
133KiambuJujaMedicross Medical Centre Ltd - Juja City MallInside Juja City Mall Thika Road
134KiambuOtherMedicross Medical Centre Ltd - Thika Ananas MallAnanas Mall Thika
135KiambuKiambuCurafa Medical Centre-GikamburaNdeiya Road, Thogoto
136KiambuKiambuAIC Kijabe Hospital - MainKijabe Town
137KiambuRuiruRuai Family Hospital - Ruiru BranchKamakis Ruiru
138KiambuThika TownFamily Care Medical Center (FHOK) -ThikaOpposite Equity Bank -Thika
139KiambuKiambuSt. Bridget Hospital KiambuAlong Kiambu Rd
140KiambuKikuyuAfrihospital Holdings Limited- Lifecare Hospital KikuyuMuguku Business Centre
141KiambuGithunguriEquity Afia Medical Centre-GithunguriInside K Unit Building, Githunguri
142KiambuRuiruGood Hope Nursing Home - Kahawa WendaniBehind Magunas Supermarket, Kahawa Wendani
143KiambuThika TownEquity Afia Medical Centre- MakongeniMakongeni Thika, Thika Garisa Rd,
144KiambuGithunguriGawa medical services - GithunguriGithunguri Stage, Directly Opposite Tai Sacco
145KiambuKikuyuPCEA Kikuyu Hospital - Eye UnitKikuyu Town, Within Pcea Mission Area
146KiambuKikuyuPCEA Kikuyu Hospital - Orthopedic UnitKikuyu Town, Within Pcea Mission Area
147KiambuRuiruEquity Afia Medical Center - KimboKimbo Lake Card Petrol Station
148KiambuRuiruMedilife hospital limited- RuiruRuiru, Nazareth Road, Opposite Angels Company
149KiambuRuiruEquity Afia Medical Centre- Kahawa SukariRuhan Plaza
150KiambuKikuyuEquity Afia KinooKinoo Tatahotte Plaza
151KiambuKiambaaJacaranda Maternity- Ruaka BranchRuaka, Limuru Road, Next to Total Rosslyn
152KiambuRuiruCurafa Aminika Medical Centre, Tatu CityGitothua
153KiambuRuiruJuja Road Maternity Hospital- RuiruKihunguro Stage,thika Road
154KiambuKiambaaEquity Afia Medical Center - RuakaFukuo Flats Ruaka Town
155KiambuKabeteEquity Afia Medical Center - WangigeSelf Ridges Supermarket, Wangige
156KilifiMalindiTawfiq HospitalMalindi In Barani Area
157KilifiMalindiMaimoon Medical CentreMalindi
158KilifiGanzeMephi Health ServicesMephi Building, Along Prison Road, Kilifi
159KilifiKilifi NorthTudor Healthcare Ltd -KilifiBiashara Building Kilifi
160KilifiKilifi NorthNew Kilifi Wananchi Maternity and Nursing HomeCharo Wa Mae Rd
161KilifiKilifi NorthPwani Medical centre -KilifiOpposite Hospital Road
162KilifiKaloleniTudor Healthcare- MariakaniMariakani Along Mombasa Nairobi Highway
163KilifiRabai Tudor Healthcare- MazerasPipeline Mazeras Kilifi
164KilifiKilifi NorthLighthouse For Christ-KilifiTitanic Plaza 1
165KilifiMTWAPAOasis Medical Centre - MtwapaOff Old Malindi Road, Next To Danka Petrol Station
166KilifiKilifi NorthJalin Medical CenterMkoroshoni, Along Mombasa, Malindi Road
167KilifiKaloleniBliss Medical Centre- MtwapaCreek Building, Mtwapa Town
168KilifiMalindiMedicross Medical Centre - MalindiFn Plaza, Lamu Rd, Malindi
169KilifiKilifi NorthMedicross Medical Centre - KilifiNear Naivas Supermarket, Malindi Rd, Kilifi
170KilifiMalindiEquity Afia Medical Centre- MalindiBlue Marlin Building, Opposite Absa
171KirinyagaKirinyaga West.Kagio Nursing HomeWithin Kagio Market Kagio
172KirinyagaKirinyaga West.Kamfas Medical ClinicKirinyaga
173KirinyagaKirinyaga CentralKaratina Nursing Home - KerugoyaKerugoya
174KirinyagaMwea EastOur Lady of Lourdes Mwea Mission HospitalMwea
175KirinyagaKirinyaga CentralWananchi Medical Clinic (AKM Health Centre)Kerugoya Town Next To Huduma Centre Office
176KirinyagaKirinyaga CentralFocus Clinical and Diagnostic Center - KerugoyaMutige Kiboti Building Opposite Family Bank, Kerugoya
177KirinyagaKirinyaga CentralFocus Clinical and Diagnostics Center - Mwea ClinicMwea
178KirinyagaKirinyaga CentralACK Mt Kenya HospitalKerugoya-Karatina Road - Kerugoya
179KirinyagaMwea EastACK Mt Kenya Hospital- MweaWanguru, Mwea
180KirinyagaKirinyaga CentralACK Mt Kenya Hospital Town Branch - KerugoyaKerugoya - Next To A.C.K Church Just Before The Stage
181KirinyagaKirinyaga CentralKerugoya Medical CentreKerugoya Town Next To Co-Operative Bank
182KirinyagaKirinyaga CentralKerugoya Medical Center - MainKerugoya Nyeri Road
183KirinyagaKirinyaga CentralBliss GVS HealhCare Limited - KerugoyaLocated At Profesonal Plaza Opposite Next To Kerugoya Kenya Power Offices
184KirinyagaKirinyaga CentralFocus Clinical and Diagnostic Center - Kerugoya Soko BranchOpposite Food Market Kerugoya Town
185KirinyagaKirinyaga West.Silver Oak Medical Clinic Kimica Shopping Center,Jama Building Along Kagio-Kutus Road
186KisiiOtherLenmek Hospital - KisiiHospital Road, Hospital Opposite Credit Bank
187KisiiKisii CentralHema Hospital LimitedAlong Stadium Road
188KisiiKisii CentralBliss GVS Healthcare -KisiiKisii - Kisumu Highway, Opposite Cooperative Bank
189KisiiKisii CentralBliss GVS Healthacare 2 -KisiiOpposite Tuskys Chigware
190KisiiKisii SouthInnovation eye Centre KisiiNyanchwa
191KisiiKitutu CentralChristamarianne Mission HospitalMilimani Bishops Road Kisii
192KisiiKisii SouthThe Nyangena Hospital LimitedKisii - Migori Road
193KisiiKisii CentralEquity Afia Medical Center -KisiiOuru Complex 3Rd Floor Kisii- Kisumu Highway
194KisiiKitutu ChacheCare and Cure Hospital Ltd-KisiiOld Nbk Building Kisii, Capital Roundabout
195KisumuKisumu CentralAcacia Medical Centre Limited - KisumuKisumu
196KisumuMuhoroniRachar Sugarbelt Nursing HomeLocated Opposite Muhoroni Post Office Next To Kcb Muhoroni
197KisumuKisumu CentralNightingale Medical Centre - KondeleAt Kondele Along Kibos Road Next To Tumaini Supermarket
198KisumuKisumu WestNightingale Medical Centre - MilimaniSituated At Milimani Along Okore Street
199KisumuKisumu EastSt Jairus HospitalOpposite Moi International Airport
200KisumuKisumu WestSt Luke Medical Centre -Milimani KisumuMilimani Estate, Kisumu
201KisumuKisumu WestCoptic Nursing HomeVihiga - Opposite Kenya Forest(Kefri) Off Kisumu - Busia Road
202KisumuKisumu CentralPort Florence Community Hospital - KisumuUnderground, At Mega Plaza
203KisumuKisumu CentralPort Florence Comm Hospital - MainKisumu -Otonglo
204KisumuKisumu CentralMedicross Megacity KisumuMegacity Mall, Ground Floor, Kisumu- Nairobi Highway
205KisumuKisumu CentralMEDICROSS TUFFOAM MALL KisumuTuffoam Mall Ground Floor
206KisumuKisumu CentralBliss GVS Medical Centre - KisumuAl-Imran Plaza Second Floor
207KisumuKisumu CentralBliss GVS Medical Centre -Mega Plaza KisumuOdinga Odingacstreet
208KisumuNyakachMedicross Medical Centre -Ahero AbalaAbala Centre Petrol Station
209KisumuKisumu WestAfrica Inuka Hospital -Kisumu MilimaniOpposite Kbc
210KisumuKisumu EastBama Hospital-ManyattaManyatta Kisumu
211KisumuKisumu CentralEquity Afia Medical Centre - KisumuKondele Business Centre, Next To Shivling Supermarket, Kisumu Kakamega Road
212KisumuKisumu-CentralFamily Care Medical Center (FHOK) -KisumuBehind Kisumu Stage
213KisumuKisumu-CentralSt Helier Healthcare ServicesBehind West End Mall Kisumu
214KisumuKisumu CentralBetterstream Care Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation CentreMilimani Next To Milimani Mini Nursery School
215KisumuKisumu CentralEquity Afia Medical Centre - Kisumu CBDTivoli Center, Kisumu
216KituiKitui CentralKitui Family Care HospitalKilunda Street, Near Naivas Supermarket, Kitui Cbd
217KituiMwingi CentralMuthale Mission Satellite Clinic KituiKilungya Street Kitui
218KituiKitui CentralBliss GVS Medical Centre -KituiKilungya Street Kitui
219KituiKitui CentralOur Lady of Lourdes -Mutomo HospitalMutomo Kitui
220KituiMwingi CentralMwingi Nursing HomeNzeluni Road
221KituiKitui CentralMephibosheth Medical ClinicNear Canada Restaurant Kitui
222KituiMigwaniMuthale Mission Hospital - Kitui MuthaleKitui Kabati Mwingi Road
223KituiKitui CentralJordan Hospital -KituiJordan Hospital Building
224KituiKitui CentralEquity Afia Medical Centre - KituiKitui Kibwezi Road
225KituiMwingi CentralDossage Medical clinicOpposite Main Mosque - Mwingi
226KituiMwingi CentralMumbuni Maternity and Nursing Home -KituiZeluni Road
227KwaleMsambweniDiani Beach HospitalDiani Complex
228KwaleMsambweniTudor Healthcare Ltd -UkundaUkunda Junction
229KwaleMsambweniBliss GVS Medical Centre - UkundaElephant Plaza
230KwaleMsambweniUkunda Medical Centre Along Likoni-Lungalunga Road, Ukunda - Kwale
231KwaleOtherDiani Beach Hospital - KwaleKwale Town
232KwaleMsambweniDiani Beach Hospital - UkundaUkunda, Along Diani Ukunda Road
233KwaleMsambweniKinondo Kwetu Health ServicesKinondo, Along Likoni - Lungalunga Rd
234KwaleKinangoPalm Beach Hospital - KinangoKinango Town, Near Mombasa Uniform
235KwaleSamburu KwalePalm Beach Hospital - KwaleKwale Town
236LaikipiaNyahururuCharity Medical HospitalNyahururu Koinange Road Charity Building
237LaikipiaNyahururuNyahururu Private HospitalNyahururu Town
238LaikipiaNyahururuHelna Medical ClinicNyahururu
239LaikipiaNyahururuPope Benedict Xvi DispensaryNyeri-Nyahururu Road, Nyahururu
240LaikipiaLaikipia EastMother Angela Huruma HospitalSt. John Paul Ii Church
241LaikipiaLaikipia EastDr Benson Muthiora Medical ClinicMathai House Laikipia County
242LaikipiaNyahururuGoodhope Nursing Home -NyahururuLaikipia County
243LaikipiaLaikipia EastBliss GVS Medical Centre - NanyukiKyeni Road.. Off Prisons Road
244LaikipiaNyandarua CentralKPN Pearl HEALTH - LaikipiaKimwa Center, Nyeri Nyahururu Road, Nyahururu
245LaikipiaOtherEquity Afia Medical Centre- NanyukiNanyuki Business Centre, Nyeri-Nanyuki Road, Opposite Toyota Kenya
246LaikipiaLaikipia EastNanyuki Teaching and Referral HospitalNanyuki-Rumuruti Rd, Nanyuki
247LaikipiaLaikipia EastEquity Afia Medical Centre-NyahururuNyahururu Town
248LaikipiaLaikipia EastEquicell Medical ServicesNanyuki Town
250LamuOtherSiha Nursing Home -HolaLiberia, Hola Tana River
251LamuLamu WestSiha Medical Home -MpeketoniLamu County Mpeketoni Town
252MachakosOtherCaremax Health Limited -SyokimauGateway Mall Mombasa Road
253MachakosMachakosMachakos medical clinicMachakos Town Plaza
254MachakosMachakosBishop Kioko Catholic HospitalKonza Road Machakos
255MachakosAthi RiverShalom Hospital -AthiriverMombasa Rd Off Namanga Junction, Machakos Athiriver
256MachakosMachakosBristol Park Hospital MachakosSartaj Building Machakos
257MachakosAthi RiverAthi River Medical ServicesMutungure Athiriver Machakos
258MachakosMachakosBliss GVS Healthcare -MachakosMachakos, Mutungoni Plaza
259MachakosMatunguluRuai Family hospital-TalaTala Behind Cdf Offices
260MachakosAthi RiverMariakani Cottage Hospital - MlolongoHope Plaza Athi River
261MachakosMatunguluMatungulu Medical Health and Wellness CenterTala Market Street
262MachakosAthi RiverEclypse Medical CentreNext To Chief Camp Mlolongo
263MachakosEmbakasiEquity Afia Medical Centre-SyokimauShell Petrol Station Syokimau
264MachakosYattaEquity Afia Medical Centre-Matuu2nd Floor A1 Plaza Along Kcb Road, Matuu
265MachakosMachakosUbuntu Hospital -MachakosCollege Road
266MachakosKathianiCurafa medical centre- KaaniKaani Police Post
267MachakosMachakosEquity Afia Medical Center - Machakos1st Floor Kiamba Mall, Ngei Road-Cbd
268MachakosMavokoRuai Family Hospital - SyokimauAcific Mall, Naivas Katani Next To Mastemind
269MachakosMavokoEquity Afia Medical centre - Signature MallAthi River, Mombasa Road, Opposite Royal Mabati Factory, Signature Mall First Floor
270MachakosMavokoEquity Afia Medical Center - KataniAlong Katani Road, at Be Energy Petrol Station, Opposite 360 Degrees Apartments, 1st Floor.
271MakueniKibweziMakindu Nursing Home (Mulatya Memorial)Makindu Makueni
272MakueniMakueniPonya Surgical Nursing Home - Wote MakueniPolice Road Makueni
273MakueniOtherKilome Nursing Home MakinduMakueni, Makindu
274MakueniMakueniKilome Nursing Home MatilikuMatiliku Road Makueni
275MakueniMakueniBliss Medical Center WoteWote Makueni
276MakueniKibweziBliss Medical Center Emali MakueniEmali Makueni
277MakueniMakueniRoyalstar Family HospitalWote Town, Along-Makindu Road
278MakueniKibweziTumaini Maternity and Nursing HomeKitui Road
279MakueniNzauiDawida Maternity and nursing Home- MtitoNairobi - Msa Highway, Mtito Andei Next To Mosque
280MakueniKaitiEquity Afia Medical Center - WoteNesa Plaza ,Opp.Rubis Petrol Station ,First Floor
281ManderaMandera East The Mandera HospitalKhadija Road
282ManderaMandera CentralBulla Mpya Nursing HomeOpposite Mandera Milk Market
283ManderaMandera CentralBluelight Nursing Home And Diagnostic Imaging ClinicBlue Line Plaza, Mandera Isiolo Road
284ManderaMandera WestElwak Nursing HomeOpposite Nairobi Highway
285ManderaMandera WestMandera West Nursing HomeRomollas Building 3Rd Floor At The Jxn Btwn Magongo Rd And Airport Rd, Adj To Shell
286ManderaMandera WestTakaba Nursing Home Ltd- ManderaOmama Lodge
287ManderaMandera East Shamaal Hospital LtdAlong Mandera -Nairobi Highway ,Standard Building
288ManderaMandera EastEquity Afia Medical Centre- ManderaMandera Town, Opposite Mandera D.E.B
289MarsabitMarsabit CentralISMC SERVICES HOSPITALMarsabit Township
290MarsabitMarsabit CentralBliss GVS Healthcare -MarsabitNear Huduma Centre
291MarsabitMoyaleTAQWA NURSING HOMEMoyale Off Butiye Road Next To Taqwa Mosque
292MarsabitMoyaleMoyale Nursing HomeAl-Huda Road
293MarsabitMarsabit CentralTalent Medical Centre -MarsabitSaku
294MarsabitMoyaleSamia Nursing HomeCounty Commissioners Offices Wajir Town
295MarsabitMarsabit CentralEquity Afia Medical Centre - Marsabit1st Floor Total Petrol Station Marsabit
296MeruImenti SouthMutethia Medical ClinicMeru
297MeruMeru CentralMeru Medical Diagnostic Imaging CentreLocated On Ground Floor At Old Teachers Building Opposite Barclay Bank Building Meru Town
298MeruImenti SouthMitunguu Medical ServicesMitunguu Meru
299MeruIgembe SouthHighway Medicare ServicesNkubu
300MeruIgembe NorthEverest Medical ClinicLocated In Meru Town Next To Barclays Bank Building
301MeruMeru CentralMilimani Maternity and Nursing HomeMeru Town Behind Sayen Supermarket Next To Water Supply
302MeruMeru CentralMediwell Healthcare Kenya LimitedLocated At Makutano Along The Nanyuki -Meru Highway Next To Shell Filling Station
303MeruMeru CentralMeru Jordan HospitalKambakia Off Meru Nanyuki Highway
304MeruMeru CentralSonar Imaging Centre - MeruLocated At Hart Towers Ground Floor Meru Town
305MeruIgembe SouthRobins Healthcare Limited -MauaLocated At Jaysam House Maua Town, Same Building With Cooperative Bank
306MeruTigania EastAvenue Medical and Diagnostic Centre - MikinduriMikinduri
307MeruIgembe SouthNairobi Womens Hospital MeruMeru Makutano
308MeruIgembe NorthGracepark Medical Centre -MeruUnion Square Makutano Meru
309MeruMeru CentralMeru Doctors PlazaMoi Avenue, Meru Town
310MeruIgembe NorthSt Theresa Mission Hospital- Kiirua MeruKiirua Meru Along Meru Nanyuki Road
311MeruIgembe SouthMaua Methodist Hospital _MeruMaua Town Meru County
312MeruIgembe SouthShepherds Medical Centre -Meru MauaPipeline Next To Tumaini Supermarket
313MeruImenti SouthConsolata Hospital -NkubuCathedral Nyeri
314MeruIgembe SouthBliss GVS Medical Centre - MauaMeru Maua Road
315MeruMeru CentralUNITED HEALTH GROUPMeru Maua Road
316MeruIgembe NorthEquity Afia Medical Centre -MeruMeru-Maua Road Near Meru Sch
317MeruBuuri WestGreenwood Cottage Community HospitalKibirichia, Buuri, Buuri, Meru
318MeruMeru CentralFamily Care Medical Center (FHOK) -MeruMeru Mwendantu Road Next To Tuskys Building/Bus Station
319MeruCentral ImentiCottolengo Mission Hospital - ChaariaChaaria, Imenti
320MeruNorth ImentiAfrihospital Holdings Limited - LifeCare Hospitals MeruMakutano Junction, Meru-Maua Road
321MeruIgembe SouthGuardian Hospital MeruMeru Kangeta
322MeruIgembe SouthEquity Afia Medical Center - MauaMaua Town
323MeruImenti SouthEquity Afia Medical centre- NkubuMeru - Nkubu Highway Kcb Building 1St Floor Opposite Nkubu Police Station
324MeruSouth ImentiSt. Anne Mission Hospital - IgojiIgoji Next To St Anne Secondary School
325MigoriSuna EastSt Akidiva Memorial HospitalMigori Isebania Road At Namba
326MigoriNyatike Sori Lakeside HospitalMigori Sori Gwasi Road ,200 From Sori Market Roundabout,Karungu
327MigoriRongo Royal Medical Clinic and Maternity HomeMigori-Kisii Road, Next To Rongo Police Station
328MigoriSuna EastSt Joseph Mission Hospital -MigoriOpposite Migori Boy'S High School
329MigoriKuria WestLadopharma Nursing Home - KihanchaIn Manga House, Kihancha, Migori
330MigoriSuna EastLadopharma Medical Centre - MigoriOpposite Post Bank Migori
331MigoriSuna EastLadopharma Medical Centre - MasaraMasara Town
332MigoriSuna EastSt Akidiva Mindira Hospital - MaberaAt Mabera , Migori- Sirare Boarder
333MigoriKuria WestSt Akidiva Mindira Hospital - IsibaniaAt Isibania, Kehancha Junction
334MigoriSuna EastBliss GVS Healthcare limited -MigoriAlong Migori- Kisii Road
335MigoriAwendo Bliss GVS Healthcare -AwendoAlong Migori-Rongo Road, Migori
336MigoriRongo Ladopharma Nursing Home - RongoRongo Town, Kamagambo
337MigoriSuna WestAfrihospital Holdings Limited- LifeCare Hospital MigoriOpposite Migori Pri School
338MombasaNyaliWELLCARE MEDICAL CENTRE1st Avenue Nyali
339MombasaNyaliHealth Source Medical Centre - Nyali1ST FLOOR LINKS PLAZA,LINKS ROAD ,NYALI
340MombasaKaloleniHealth Source Medical Centre - Biashara BuildingGround Floor At Biashara Building
341MombasaChangamweBomu Hospital -MagongoMagongo, Mombasa
342MombasaNyaliNyali Healthcare LtdAlong Links Road, Nyali
343MombasaNyaliNyali Healthcare Ltd - BamburiBamburi
344MombasaLikoniBomu Hospital - LikoniLikoni
345MombasaMvitaTudor Healthcare Ltd -MombasaTudor, Mombasa
346MombasaKisauniTudor Healthcare Ltd - BamburiBamburi
347MombasaMvitaNairobi Womens Hospital - Mombasa Uchumi Building, Moi Avenue, Mombasa
348MombasaLikoniSt. Thomas Maternity HospitalLikoni, Along Lunga Lunga Road
349MombasaMsambweniPalm Beach Hospital - DianiAlong Beach Road, Ukunda
350MombasaJomvuMikindani Medical CenterSunset, Miki
351MombasaMvitaLions Medical Center -MombasaAlong Aga Khan Road, Opp Uni Plaza
352MombasaMvitaPandya Memorial HospitalAlong Dedan Kimathi Avenue
353MombasaMvitaBliss GVS Medical Centre -Kizingo MombasaTimami Advocates Building, Along Mombasa Law Courts
354MombasaLikoniTudor Healthcare Ltd - LikoniNear Rafiki Bank
355MombasaChangamweTudor Healthcare Ltd -MagongoMagongo, Near Bomu Hospital
356MombasaNyaliTudor Healthcare-KengeleniMombasa Kengeleni Mall, Kongowea
357MombasaJomvuTudor healthcare - MikindaniMombasa Mikindani Behind White Castle Hotel Businessemailaddress
358MombasaNyaliTudor healthcare - MiritiniMombasa Next To Kpc Estate
359MombasaChangamweTudor Healthcare - KaloleniKilifi Kca Building, Kaloleni
360MombasaJomvuTudor Healthcare MTWAPALasado, Near Mtawa Petrol Station Mtwapa Kilifi
361MombasaJomvuLight House For Christ Eye centreAbdel Nasser Road, Opp Coast General Hospital, Mombasa
362MombasaChangamweEquity Afia Medical Centre -ChangamweAlong Banisa Road,Takaba
363MombasaKaloleniThe Lighthouse for Christ Eye Centre -MariakaniNext To Total Filling Station , Behind Tax Stage
364MombasaNyaliThe Nyali Children Hospital1st Avenue, Off Links Road
365MombasaMvitaKwale Healthcare and Maternity Home Ziwani Road Opp Culture Junction
366MombasaLikoniDiani Beach Hospital - LikoniAlong Likoni Ukunda Rd. Likoni
367MombasaMvitaBadar Pharmacy LtdAlong Jomo Kenyatta Avenue
368MombasaNyaliZuri Afya Medical ServicesAlong Pembeni Road, Off Links Rd, Nyali
369MombasaNyaliChiromo Lane medical Centre - NyaliAlong Mt. Kenya Rd. Opp. Voyager Resort, Nyali, Mombasa
370MombasaKisauniEquity Afia Medical Center - BamburiBamburi
371MombasaMvitaEquity Afia Medical Center - Mombasa CBDMombasa Mall
372MurangaOtherFocus Clinical and Diagnostic Center - MurangaGrogon Road, Muranga Town Near The Main Matatu Stage
373MurangaMurang'a SouthKenol HospitalKenol Township Opposite Muranga South Subcounty Office
374MurangaOtherFAMILY HERITAGE HOSPITAL LTD- Outpatient Clinic Muranga Town Opposite Total Service Center
375MurangaMurang'a SouthFAMILY HERITAGE HOSPITAL LTD-MainMuranga, Near Muranga Water Services Company
376MurangaOtherBliss GVS Healthcarelimited Murang'aJunction Flats, Behind Muranga Law Courts | Murang'A
377MurangaKangemaKangema Medical ServicesMuguru, Kangema
378MurangaMathioyaKIRIAINI CONSOLATA HOSPITAL(Kiriaini Mission Hospital) -MurangaMurang'A
379MurangaMurang'a EastEquity Afia Medical Centre -KenolNext To Equity Bank
380MurangaMurang'a EastEquity Afia Medical Centre -Murang'aAcn
381MurangaRuiruThe Virgin HospitalMaragua Town
382NairobiEmbakasi CentralKayole HospitalKayole, Next To The Chiefs Office
383NairobiEmbakasi CentralPatanisho Maternity and Nursing HomeKayole, Mwangaza Road Off Spine Road
384NairobiEmbakasi CentralSt Patricks Health CentreKayole Area At Tushauriane Area
385NairobiKasaraniSt Johns Hospital LtdGithurai Round About Gumba Road Near Equity Bank Githurai
386NairobiDagorettiAfya Medical Clinic - Dagoretti MarketAt Dagoretti Market - Ndunyu
387NairobiDagorettiFremo Medical CentreNaivasha Road, Near Kwft
388NairobiLang'ataLangata HospitalLangata, Opposite Uhuru Gardens Primary School
389NairobiDagorettiMelchizedek Hospital -Dagoretti Corner KawangwareDagoretti Corner/Naivasha Road
390NairobiMakadaraMelihep Community Hospital and MaternityViwandani Opp Pate Road Corner
391NairobiOtherJacaranda Maternity Kahawa WestKahawa West, Ruiru Kenya
392NairobiLangataAcacia Medical Centre - Upper HillGeneral Accident Hse, Nairobi
393NairobiEmbakasi SouthPipeline Maternity and Nursing HomeOpposite Pcea Pipeline Church
394NairobiEmbakasiBristol Park Nursing Home- UtawalaAlong Eastern Bypass, Opposite Tumaini Supermarket
395NairobiStareheAcacia Medical Centre Limited - ICEAKenyatta Avenue Icea Building
396NairobiEmbakasiBristol Park Hospital - TassiaFedha- Tassia Road Next To East Gate Preparatory School
397NairobiNjiruRuai Family Hospital - RuaiOpp. Ruai Mosque, Along Kangundo Rd
398NairobiMakadaraMariakani Cottage Hospital -South BMchumbi Road, South B (Mariakani),
399NairobiKibraModesty Pharmaceuticals - HeadOfficeMwea, Opposite Kcb
400NairobiMakadaraAccess Afya Kenya Limited - SinaiSinai Slums (Jamaica), Nanyuki Rd
401NairobiDagoretti SouthAccess Afya Kenya Limited - MukuruKisii Village Mukuru Nairobi
402NairobiKasaraniThika Road Health Services - KasaraniAlong Kasarani - Mwiki Rd. Above Kcb Bank Next To Naivas Supermarket. Near Kasarani Police Station
403NairobiLang'ataCity Eye Hospital - MainNgong Rd. Opp Traffic Police Station
404NairobiKamukunjiAccess Afya Kenya Limited - KiambiuMadiwa Village, Kiambiu Slums
405NairobiDagorettiNairobi Womens Hospital - AdamsNgong Rd, Opposite Greenhouse
406NairobiLang'ataNairobi Womens Hospital - HurlinghamHurligham Medicare Plaza, Argwings Kodhek Road
407NairobiDagorettiMIDHILL HOSPITALAlong Naivasha Rd, Opp Kinyanjui Rd. Dagoreti South
408NairobiKasaraniRuaraka Uhai Neema HospitalOpp Kasarani Stadium
409NairobiStareheRadiant Pangani Hospital LimitedNairobi, Pangani Along Juja Road
410NairobiWestlandsWestlands Medical Centre -WestlandsIn Westlands, At Krishna Centre, Woodvale Groove Street
411NairobiMakadaraEquity Afia Medical Centre - BuruburuRabai Road, Point Mall
412NairobiLang'ataVitalray Health Solutions LimitedGround Floor, Mayfair Centre Ralph Bunche Road, Upper Hill
413NairobiStareheSouth B HospitalSouth B Shopping Center
414NairobiEmbakasi CentralKomarock Modern Health Care - MainKomarock Estate, Section 3A, Mwangaza Rd
415NairobiKibraSonar Imaging Center - FortisFortis Suites, Ground Floor, Hospital Rd
416NairobiEmbakasiRuai Family Hospital - EmbakasiNyayo Estate Gate D
417NairobiStareheCare N Cure Health Services (Dr Kahenya )National Bank Building, South Podium, 1St Floor.
418NairobiLang'ataUpper Hill Medical Center- PharmacyLocated At Upper Hill Medical Center Building-Ground Floor
419NairobiLang'ataUpper Hill Medical Center- TheatreLocated At Upper Hill Medical Center-First Floor
420NairobiLang'ataPrecise Diagnostic ImagingLocated At Upper Hill, 5Th Avenue Building 3Rd Floor
421NairobiNjiruKomarock Modern Healthcare - Utawala MainBehind Bakri Filling Station, Off Eastern Bypass
422NairobiEmbakasi EastBliss GVS Healthcare EmbakasiLocated At Embakasi, Wanandege Plaza Ground Floor
423NairobiDagorettiBetter Living Hospital (SDA Medical Services)Lms Centre, Jakaya Kikwete Road Opposite Intergrity Center.
424NairobiWestlandsLions Sightfirst Eye Hospital LoreshoLoresho
425NairobiKasaraniRadiant Group of Hospitals - Kasarani SeasonsKasarani Sports View
426NairobiRuiruThe Lifeline Group of Hospitals - Kahawa WendaniKahawa Wendani
427NairobiKasaraniRadiant Hospital - Kasarani SportsviewKasarani - Mwiki Road Next To Haco Industries
428NairobiEmbakasi WestRadiant Hospital - UmojaUmoja Innercore Next To Chiefs Office
429NairobiEmbakasi WestPenda Medical Center UmojaUmoja 2,Opposite Chiefs Camp
430NairobiNjiruPenda Medical Center Kahawa WestKarura Stage,Opposite Emma Daniels
431NairobiEmbakasiPenda Medical Center EmbakasiCatherine Ndereba Road,Opposite St Bhakita
432NairobiEmbakasi CentralPenda Medical Center Kayole Kayole Corner Market
433NairobiEmbakasi SouthPenda Medical Center PipelineAt Pipeline Stage Opposite Tumaini Supermarket
434NairobiKasaraniPenda Medical Center Zimmerman Base Stage,Behind Powerstar Supermarket
435NairobiMakadaraBliss GVS Healthcare - BuruburuAck St. James Church Bururburu
436NairobiMakadaraBliss GVS Jogoo RoadKcb Bulding Jogoo Road
437NairobiKibraBliss GVS KIberaJamii Villas, Ayany Estate- Kibera
438NairobiEmbakasi CentralEquity Afia Medical Centre - Kayole Kayole Next To Equity Bank, Pinnacle Business Centre, Ground Floor
439NairobiDagorettiEquity Afia Medical Centre - KawangwareAlingo Plaza, Ground And 1St Floor, Naivasha Road
440NairobiLang'ataCheckups Medical Centre - Concierge General Accident House, Rear Block, Ralph Bunche Road (Next To Savanna Restaurant)
441NairobiEmbakasi EastKomarock Modern Healthcare - Utawala CafeNdege View Estate Utawala
442NairobiStareheBliss GVS College HouseColege House, Koinange Street
443NairobiWestlandsBliss GVS Healthcare-WestlandsWaumini House, Ground Floor
444NairobiWestlandsChiromo Lane Medical Centre -WestlandsMuthithi Rd, Chiromo Lane Juction
445NairobiEmbakasi EastAccess Afya Kwa NjengaEmbakasi Girls High School
446NairobiStareheGuru Nanak Hospital -Muranga RoadMuranga Road
447NairobiDagoretti SouthAccess afya mukuru slumMukuru Skum
448NairobiDagorettiCoptic Hospital - Ngong RoadNgong Road
449NairobiLang'ataLa Femme HealthcareThe Green House Mall Along Ngong Road 2Nd Floor
450NairobiEmbakasi EastLions Sightfirst Eye Hospital-Pride CentreLocated At Kq Pride Centre-Embakasi
451NairobiStareheBliss GVS Healthcare -Teleposta towersTeleposta Towers Nairobi
452NairobiKasaraniPenda Medical Center Lucky SummerBakery, Nairobi
453NairobiEmbakasiPenda Medical Centre TassiaDirect Opposite Tassia Hospital
454NairobiEmbakasiHoughton Medical CentreNext-Gen Mall 3 Rd Floor, Mombasa Road
455NairobiDagorettiMaria Immaculata Hospital -LavingtonGitanga Road Lavington
456NairobiDagorettiChiromo Lane Medical Centre -LavingtonMuthangari Road Bustani -Braeside Gardens
457NairobiWestlandsAIC Cure WestlandsWest Point Building Mpaka Road
458NairobiLang'ataMedipath Laboratories -Mayfair building upperhillMayfair Builing Upperhill
459NairobiWestlandsAIC Kijabe Hospital - Nairobi ClinicAzure Towers - 5Th Floor, Lantana Road.
460NairobiLang'ataForest Japan Medical CentreFortis Suites Nairobi
461NairobiLang'ataFamily Care Medical Center (FHOK) -Nairobi westMai Mahiu Road Next To T- Mall
462NairobiKasaraniKasarani Maternity & Nursing HomeKasarani Before Mwiki
463NairobiEmbakasiBetter Living Hospital - Likoni road ClinicOpposite Crown Paints
464NairobiEmbakasiCoptic Hospital -Industrial AreaMogadishu Road, Nairobi
465NairobiKibraNairobi West Hospital LtdGadhi Avenue, Nairobi West
466NairobiStareheLadnan HospitalPangani Nyambene Road
467NairobiNjiruRuai Family Hospital Health Care -RFHKangundo Road, Behind Oil Libya Ruai
468NairobiEmbakasiBristol Park Hospital -EmbakasiFedha Road
469NairobiOtherEquity Afia Medical Centre - Kahawa WestGlory House, Kahawa West
470NairobiKasaraniPenda Medical Centre - SuntonNear Sunton Bus Stop.
471NairobiMatharePenda Health Centre - Mathare NorthNear Mathare North Bust Stop
472NairobiDagorettiPenda Medical Center - KangemiKangemi
473NairobiEmbakasi EastScion HospitalOpposite Kenol Mobil Embakasi
474NairobiLang'ataAmber Medical Clinic -LangataFreedom Heights Langata Third Floor
475NairobiLang'ataPenda Health Langata Langata Next To Ngei Building
476NairobiEmbakasi WestPenda Medical Centre Umoja Market Umoja Market
477NairobiEmbakasiPhadam Hospital Co Ltd -MainNasra Garden Off Kangundo Road,Near Mama Lucy Kibaki Hosp
478NairobiLang'ataThe Zambezi Cancer and General HospitalSouth C Ole Shapara Avenue
479NairobiEmbakasiImperio Medical - Embakasi Medical CentreStima Plaza Annex
480NairobiEmbakasi EastEquity Afia Medical Centre - UtawalaOn Eastern By Pass Utawala Opposite National Police College Embakasi
481NairobiWestlandsLions Sightfirst Eye Hospital -Village market ClinicVillage Market
482NairobiEmbakasi SouthBliss GVS Medical Center -PipelinePipeline
483NairobiWestlandsLions Sightfirst Eye Hospital MP-shah MainMp Shah Hospital
484NairobiEmbakasi WestBliss GVS Medical Center - UmojaBee Centre, Umoja
485NairobiWestlandsSasa Doctor Medical ClinicWaumini House
486NairobiEmbakasiBliss GVS Medical Centre -Industrial AreaAlong Enteprise Road, Next To Timsales
487NairobiStareheEquity Afia Medical Centre - Biashara StreetLaxmi Plaza Bisahara Street 4Th Floor
488NairobiStareheBliss GVS Healthcare-Moi AvenueMoi Avenue
489NairobiEmbakasi EastHaven Healthcare - RuaiNext To Embakasi Ranch
490NairobiEmbakasi EastEquity AfIa Medical Centre-FedhaEmbakasi Medical Centre, Fedha Road, Off Outering Road
491NairobiKasaraniRuai Family Hospital-JacarandaKamiti Road, In Jacaranda Gardens Estate
492NairobiStareheHaven Healthcare -South BHazina Business Complex South B
493NairobiKasaraniEquity Afia Medical Centre - KasaraniKasarani-Mwiki Road Next To Naivas Supermarket Kasarani
494NairobiKasaraniEquity Afia Medical centre-GithuraiCharma House 2Nd Floor, Next To Equity Bank
495NairobiWestlandsImperio Medical - Parklands Specialists CentreN&N Center Along Hospital Road
496NairobiStareheFamily Care Medical Center (FHOK) - Phoenix CBDKenyatta Avenue, Phoenix House 5Th Floor
497NairobiStareheLions Sightfirst Eye Hospital -CBDDinshaw Byramjee Dispensary Along Uyoma Street Nairobi
498NairobiLang'ataDr. Catherine Nyongesa (Texas care Centre)Texas Cancer Centre
499NairobiEmbakasi SouthSelacare Health ServicesPipeline Estate Embakasi
500NairobiDagorettiChiromo Lane Medical Centre (New Bustani)Muthangari Road,Near Salonika Apartment
501NairobiKasaraniPenda Medical Centre -KasaraniSeasons Market
502NairobiEmbakasiEquity Afia Medical Centre- Imara DaimaVilla Franca Shopping Centre, Cosmas Ndeti Road
503NairobiStareheJuja Road Hospital-PanganiKcdf Building, 1 St Floor
504NairobiMathareJumuia Hospital -HurumaJohn Saga Arch Bishop Manasse'S Kuria Rd Behind
505NairobiEmbakasiMedigold Health Services-FedhaFedha Nairobi
506NairobiEmbakasiMedigold Health Services- Donholm Next To Pefa Church Donholm
507NairobiStarehePenda Medical Centre-Kimathi streetOldmutal Building 1St Floor
508NairobiLang'ataEquity Afia Medical centre-UpperhillKma Centre, Ground Floor, Mara Road
509NairobiLang'ataEquity Afia Medical Centre -LangataFreedom Heights
510NairobiKasaraniBliss GVS Halthcare Ltd - GithuraiDykaan College Building Githurai
511NairobiDagorettiPenda Medical Center -KawangwareMlango Soko,Gitanga Road
512NairobiStareheEquity Afia Medical Centre - South BSouth B Shopping Center
513NairobiLang'ataEquity Afia Medical Centre - Ngong RoadKism Towers Ngong Road
514NairobiEmbakasi EastReale Hospital - UtawalaPioneer Court Off Utawala Road - Utawala
515NairobiStareheEquity Afia Medical Centre - PanganiGoodwill Building Ground Floor- Agoi Road, Pangani Shopping Centre
516NairobiEmbakasiBliss GVS Healthcare - MFI Mombasa RoadMfi Grounds Mombasa Road
517NairobiLang'ataMedicross Medical Centre Ltd- KawangwareDagoretti South Cdf,Naivasha Road,Opp.Shell Petrol Station
518NairobiEmbakasi CentralJacaranda Maternity - UmojaOpposite Shujaa Mall - Kayole
519NairobiKasaraniEquity Afia Medical Centre - Mountain MallInside Mountain Mall
520NairobiEmbakasiEquity Afia Medical Centre-KariobangiAlong Outering Road Near Equity Bank Kariobangi
521NairobiLang'ataSt. Mary's Mission Hospital -LangataLangata Otiende
522NairobiStareheSt. Mary's Mission Hospital - CBD BranchNrb Cbd Cardinal Otunga Plaza, 3Rd Floor
523NairobiKasaraniEquity Afia Medical Centre- RuaiWoodlands Plaza, Equity Bank Building Along Kangudo Road
524NairobiEmbakasiLions SightFirst Eye Hospital - Southfield ClinicSouthfield Mall, Ground Floor, Nairobi
525NairobiWestlandsEquity Afia Medical Centre - LavingtonLavington Mall,3Rd Floor
526NairobiEmbakasi WestEquity Afia Medical Center - UmojaMoi Drive Opposite Pcea Church Umoja
527NairobiWestlandsFamily Medical Centre(Dr.Gulnaz Mohamoud)2nd Parklands Avenue, Pmc Building No.310 Next To Mediplaza
528NairobiEmbakasi EastImperio Medical - Nyayo Estate Specialists CentreEmbakasi Nyayo Gate D Savannah Business Centre
529NairobiKamukunjiEquity Afia Medical Centre- EastleighOff General Waruingi Road Next Ismariot Hotel
530NairobiKerugoyaEquity Afia Medical Centre- KerugoyaAnchor Plaza Next To Family Bank Kerugoya
531NairobiWestlandsEquity Afia Medical Centre- WestlandsResilience Centre Along Woodvale Grove First Floor, Westlands
532NairobiStareheEquity Afia Medical Centre- Agro HouseNairobi Cbd, Agro House, 4Th Floor
533NairobiRoysambuKenyatta University Teaching, Referral and Research HospitalKahawa West, Nairobi Northern Bypass Highway, Nairobi, Kenya
534NairobiWestlandsEquity Afia Medical Centre - Kangemi1st Floor,Rangechem Towers Near Mountain View Mall
535NairobiEmbakasi CentralRuai Family Hospital-KomarockKomarock Road Near 360 Energy Statio
536NairobiWestlandsCaremax Hospital Ltd - Kiambu RdAlong Kiambu Rd Next To Runda Mall
537NairobiRoysambuEquity Afia Medical Centre - RoysambuRoysambu Mirema, At Shell Petroleum Station
538NairobiEmbakasiHaven Healthcare- TassiaKwa Ndege
539NairobiEmbakasiEquity Afia Medical Center - ChokaaChokaa Hurlingam 2Nd Avenue
540NairobiWestlandsMedilife Hospital Ltd - Parklands Medilife Medical Center, Shop No.11, Ridge Court 3Rd, Nairobi
541NairobiDagoretti NorthNephro Med Limited3rd Ngong Avenue
542NairobiKasaraniImperio Medical Group Ltd-Garden CityGarden City
543NairobiLang`ataSt. Odilias Dispensary - KarenWindy Ridge Karen Ploti No 180
544NairobiEmbakasiEquity Afia Medical Centre- DonholmSavannah Road, Opposite Deliverance Church, Donholm
545NairobiWestlandsChiromo Lane medical centre-UHMCUHMC building 3rd floor
546NairobiKasaraniNimoli Medical Services Limited - KasaraniKasarani Mwiki Rd, Nairobi
547NairobiEmbakasiNimoli Medical Services Limited - TassiaTassia
548NairobiWestlandsChiromo Lane Medical Centre - Muthithi Nairobi National Musium
549NairobiStareheImara Mediplus Hospital-NairobiNairobi City Center Building,ronald Ngala Street,opposite Salama Pharmaceuticals
550NairobiEmbakasiEquity Afia Medical Center - Embakasi VillageEmbakasi Road
551NakuruNaivashaFlamingo Medical CenterAlong Moi Southlake Road Next To Flamingo Horticulture
552NakuruNakuru EastFamily Care Medical Center (FHOK) - NakuruOginga Oginga Road-Market Road Junction
553NakuruNakuru EastNairobi Womens Hospital - Nakuru HyraxNakuru
554NakuruNakuru EastRapha Medical Centre NakuruFree Area Near Hillcrest Secondary School
555NakuruNakuru EastEvans Sunrise Medical Center -NakuruWest Road Off Oginga Odinga Avenue, Nakuru
556NakuruNaivashaNdonyo HealthcareMaimahiu - Naivasha Road, Touchline Arcade Next To Equity Bank
557NakuruNaivashaNairobi Womens Hospital - NaivashaNaivasha Town, Moi Avenue Prema Plaza
558NakuruNakuru EastNairobi Womens Hospital - Nakuru CBDBehind Tuskys Supermarket, Nakuru Cbd
559NakuruNakuru EastEvans Sunrise Town ClinicNakuru
560NakuruNakuru EastStirling Healthcare ConsultantsMasters Plaza -Nakuru
561NakuruNakuru EastOptimum Current Healthcare -NakuruTamoh Plaza Nakuru
562NakuruMoloWabore Medical Clinic MoloNext To Bus Station Nakuru
563NakuruNakuru EastBliss GVS Healthcare Limited -NakuruNakuru
564NakuruNaivashaAIC Kijabe Hospital - Naivasha Medical CentreNaivasha, Off Maimahiu Road
565NakuruNakuru EastEquity Afia Medical Centre - NakuruResma Plaza, Nakuru
566NakuruNaivashaBliss GVS Medical Centre - NaivashaMarryland Complex
567NakuruGilgilNHC Maisha Glgil ClinicNakuru Opposite Gti Next To Kingdom Seekers Church
568NakuruNaivashaNHC Maisha Karagita ClinicKaragita Opp Crayfish Fishermans Camp
569NakuruNakuru EastThe Nakuru Specialist HospitalAlong Nakuru Nairobi H/W
570NakuruNaivashaEquity Afia Medical Centre-NaivashaLemacy Building 1St Floor,Behind Biashara Plaza Along Mbaria Kaniu Road,Naivasha
571NakuruNaivashaOptimum Current Healthcare -section 58Section 58 Kinuthia Mbugua Road, Nakuru
572NakuruNakuru EastMedicross Medical Centre - NakuruNext To Cmc General Ltd Nakuru
573NakuruGilgilSt. Mary's Mission Hospital - Elmentaita(Rift Valley)Gilgil,Elementaita
574NakuruMoloSt. Joseph Nursing & Maternity Home - MoloMau Summit Road,200M From Kenya Multins Limited
575NakuruNakuru WestEquity Afia Medical Centre - Section 58 Behind/Next to Hygenic Supermarket Section 58 Oginga Odinga street
576NandiNandi CentralReale Hospital - KapsabetKapsabet Cbd, Tiryo Plaza
577NandiOtherBethesda Healthcare Services -NandiNandi Hills
578NandiOtherBethesda Health Care Service - KobujoiAlong Kipsigak Serem Road Nandi
579NandiOtherKAPSABET HEALTHCARE CENTREEldoret Kisumu Road Opposite Chebut Tea Factory
580NandiEmgwenEquity Afia Medical Centre-KapsabetSonoiya Heights,1St Floor,Jean-Marie Seroney Road
581NarokNarok SouthSHEPHERDS HOSPITAL - NarokNarok-Bomet Highway, Opposite Kenol Kobil Petrol Station, Enkare Building Ground Floor.
582NarokNarok EastNarok Cottage HospitalNarok County, Opposite Bible Collage
583NarokNarok EastMedicatia Hospital -NarokLenana
584NarokNarok SouthShepherds Hospital -Maasai MaraNarok-Bomet Road,Opposite Maasai Mara University
585NarokNarok WestBreetons Medical Centre LTD-NarokAlong Kilgoris-Kisii Road, Kilgoris Business Centre Building
586NyamiraNyamira NorthBliss GVS Healthcare Limited -NyamiraAlong Nyamira-Kisii Road
587NyandaruaNyandarua WestBliss Medical centre- OlkalauData House, Nyandarua
588NyandaruaOl KalouThe Pine Hospital LimitedAlong Ol Kalou-Nyahururu Highway, 2Km From J.M Kariuki County Referral Hospital
589NyeriMathira EastJamii HospitalKaratina
590NyeriMathira EastKaratina Nursing Home - KaratinaKaratina
591NyeriKieni WestMary Immaculate Hospital - MweigaMweiga Nyeri
592NyeriNyeri SouthMathingira Medical ClinicOthaya Town Opposite The Stadium
593NyeriOtherIchuga Medical ClinicIchuga Market, Off The Nyeri - Nanyuki Road, Near Pcea Ichuga Church
594NyeriMukurwe-iniAvenue Medical and Diagnostic ClinicMukurweini, Nyeri
595NyeriOtherFaith Medical CentreMweiga Town - Nyeri
596NyeriOtherConsolata Hospital -Mathari NyeriKyeni
597NyeriMathira EastZuhri Medicare Hospital -KaratinaKaratina Town Next To Ibis Hotel
598NyeriNyeri TownBliss GVS Medical Centre -NyeriNyeri Town,Jenkim Plaza
599NyeriNyeri TownBliss GVS Medical Centre -Nyeri 2Ground Floor Sunguest House & Hotel Building
600NyeriOtherEquity Afia Medical Centre - NyeriNyeri Town
601NyeriMathira EastPCEA Tumutumu Missions Hospital1Km Off Nyeri - Karatina Road
602NyeriOtherLions Sightfirst eye Hopspital-NyeriKimathi Street Next To National Bank
603NyeriOtherMathingira Hospital -OthayaOthaya Town Opposite Othaya Stadium
604NyeriMathira EastST PATRICK NURSING HOME - NyeriKaratina Town, Bakery Road Opposite Double Kei Hardware
606NyeriOtherEquity Afia Medical Center -KaratinaThe Trade Centre,Along Railway Road
607NyeriOtherAvenue Medical and Diagnostics Centre - OthayaOthaya Next To Family Bank
608NyeriNyeri CentralCity Eye Hospital - NyeriAsian Quaters Along, Mbuni Road
609SamburuSamburu CentralAl Abrar Nursing Home-samburuMaralal Near Mosque
610SamburuSamburu WestBliss GVS Healthcare-MaralalMaralal Town Opposite Kplc Office
611SamburuSamburu CentralCommunity Medical And Lab Services - SamburuMaralal Town
612SamburuSamburu EastCatholic Hospital WambaaWambaa Town
613SamburuSamburu EastGlofem Medical Clinic Ltd -SamburuAcacia Plaza Off Leshangrilla Road
614SamburuSamburu CentralNile Medical Clinic -Samburu Old Market Maralal
615SamburuSamburu EastSamburu Doctors PlazaSiambu Plaza Opposite County Govt Offices
616SiayaUgunjaSagam Community HospitalPlot 720 Luanda - Siaya Road
617SiayaBondoBondo Medical Centre Ltd (Dr. I. Orege)Bondo Town Opposite The Switel Hotel
618SiayaSiayaBama Hospital LLP -SiayaAlong Luanda Siaya Road Siaya
619SiayaSiayaBliss GVS Medical Centre- SiayaOpposite Country Referral Hospital
620SiayaUgunjaAfrica Inuka Hospital-UgunjaUgunja
621SiayaSiayaSadik Medcare LTDSt. Paul'S Yala Sk
622SiayaSiayaEquity Afia Medical centre- SiayaJao House,court Road
623Taita_TavetaVoiVoi Medical CentreBehind Kcb Bank, Voi
624Taita_TavetaVoiSt. Joseph Shelter of HopeOff Mombasa-Nairobi Highway, Ikanga, Voi
625Taita_TavetaOtherDawida Maternity and Nursing HomeAlong Moi Hospital Road Taita Taveta
626Taita_TavetaVoiThe River Jordan Medical Center -Taita TavetaMwakingai, Opp Cdf Hall
627Taita_TavetaVoiSt. Joseph's Shelter of Hope -Taita TavetaIkanga, Voi Taita Taveta
628Taita_TavetaVoiMountain View Medical Centre -Dr MuemaMomunga Building Taita Taveta
629Taita_TavetaVoiThe River Jordan Medical Center -Kariokor VoiKariokor Voi
630Taita_TavetaTavetaTaveta Meditech Centre - TavetaTiata Taveta Opposite Posta
631Taita_TavetaTavetaDawida Maternity and nursing Home- TavetaOld Wholesale Market-Market View Buliding
632Taita_TavetaVoiDawida Medical Services-VoiOpp. Kcb, Voi
633Taita_TavetaVoiSt. Lukes Afya ClinicWundanyi Town
634Taita_TavetaVoiLighthouse for Christ Eye Centre - VoiPorters House, Voi
635Taita_TavetaVoiSt.Lukes Afya-Mwatate Afia CentreMwatate Junction Voi
636Taita_TavetaVoiTsavo Comprehensive HC LimitedVoi Town, Opp. Ndovu Health Center, Along Mombasa Road
637Taita_TavetaVoiThe River Jordan Medical Center - PremierOpposite Desert Rd Hotel Voi
638Taita_TavetaVoiEquity Afia Medical Centre - VoiMaghaba Plaza Ground Floor
639Taita_TavetaTavetaEquity Afia medical Centre- TavetaTaveta Town, Kcb Building
640Tana_RiverOtherBushraa Medical Center -Tana RiverLaza Road, Hola Town
641Tana_RiverGarsenSuheyla Pharmaceutical and Medical CentreGarsen Town Opposite Caltex Petrol Station Tana River
642Tana_RiverGaloleEquity Afia Medical Centre - HolaHola Town, Near Ardhi House
643Tharaka_NithiImenti SouthJoy Medical ClinicLocated At Chuka Town 2Nd Floor Equity Bank Building
644Tharaka_NithiMeru SouthSt Lucies Hospital -ChukaLocated At Chuka Town, Opposite Chuka University
645Tharaka_NithiMeru SouthPCEA Chogoria Mission HospitalChogoria Town Tharakanithi County
646Tharaka_NithiTharaka NorthKomarock Modern Healthcare -KathwanaKathwana Tharakanithi
647Tharaka_NithiIgambang'ombePCEA Chogoria Mission Hospital -ChukaChuka Town
648Tharaka_NithiOtherKomarock modern Healthcare -Chuka branchChuka Town Next To Nhif Building
649Tharaka_NithiIgambang'ombeChuka Nursing HomeAlong Meru-Nairobi Highway, In Chuka Town, Near Kplc, Below Solutions Sacco, Iruma Building
650Tharaka_NithiTharaka SouthSt. Orsola Catholic Hospital - MatiriMatiri Mission Catholic Parish
651Tharaka_NithiMaaraCasmed Medical Center- ChogoriaChogoria Town
652Tharaka_NithiChuka/igambang'oCasmed Medical Center- Kibugua Off Chuka- Embu Highway, Along Kibugua- Itugururu Road
653Trans_NzoiaOtherCherangany Nursing Home Ltd -MainAt Grassland, Off Kitale Eldoret Road
654Trans_NzoiaOtherGalilee Medical Centre - KitaleKitale- Eldoret Highway, Off Shell Petrol Station
655Trans_NzoiaOtherCrystal Cottage Hospital and Medical Clinic Limited -Trans NzoiaMilimani Off Meru Road, Trans Nzoia
656Trans_NzoiaOtherEquity Afia Medical centre-KitaleParkview Towers 3Rd Floor Opposite Kitale Law Courts
657Trans_NzoiaKimininiReale Hospital Clinic - KitaleAbsa Building 1St Floor Kenyatta Street
658TurkanaTurkana WestKakuma Medical Clinic Kakuma, Along Kakuma-Lokichoggio Road
659TurkanaTurkana EastAIC Hospital LokichogioOpposite Lokichogio Airport
660TurkanaTurkana WestBliss GVS Medical Centre -KakumaOpposite Kakuma Airport
661TurkanaTurkana CentralShepherd Hospital -LodwarAlong Lodwar Diocese
662TurkanaTurkana NorthLodwar Hills HospitalNawoitorong Road , Next To Tullow Oil Offices
663TurkanaTurkana NorthAfricana Mall Healthcare LTD -LodwarAfricana Mall Lodwar
664TurkanaTurkana CentralEquity AFia Medical Centre -LodwarKanamkemer Along Robert Junction Catolic Church Lodwar
665TurkanaTurkana WestEquity Afia Medical Centre -KakumaKakama Town Opposite Lucky Petrol Station
666Uasin_GishuKessesReale Hospital - MainAt Elgon View Estate
667Uasin_GishuAnabkoiReale Hospital Town Clinic -EldoretEldoret Cbd, Fcc Plaza
668Uasin_GishuAnabkoiBliss GVS Healthcare Limited -EldoretZion Mall, Wing D
669Uasin_GishuAnabkoiFountain Healthcare Ltd -Uasin GishuUasin Gishu Next To Lion School, Off Uganda Road
670Uasin_GishuAnabkoiCedar Clinical Associates -Uasin GishuUasin Gishu
671Uasin_GishuAnabkoiRACECOURSE HOSPITAL -Uasin GishuOletepes Road, Off Eldoret- Kapsabet Road, Next To Cheese Garage ,Uasin Gishu
672Uasin_GishuAnabkoiBliss Healthcare Ltd KitaleKitale
673Uasin_GishuAnabkoiBliss GVS Healthcare Limited - PioneerEldoret-Kapsabet Road, Uasin Gishu
674Uasin_GishuAnabkoiBliss GVS Healthcare Ltd - Eldoret AUganda Road. Eldoret, Uasin Gishu
675Uasin_GishuAnabkoiCedar Hospital EldoretSosiani Street-Opposite Arya Primary Eldoret
676Uasin_GishuAnabkoiBliss GVS Healthcare Limited -KapsabetSafari Building Along Kapsabet Kisumu Road
677Uasin_GishuAnabkoiBliss GVS Healthcare Limited KapenguriaMakutano, Kitale-Lodwar Road, Paves Tower, West Pokot
678Uasin_GishuAnabkoiBliss GVS Halthcare Ltd -EldamaravinKaren Roses Building Next Ro Kanu Office
679Uasin_GishuAnabkoiTopHill Hospital for Brain and spineEldoret Town Garden Road
680Uasin_GishuAnabkoiEquity Afia Medical Centre- Eldoret1st Floor Faulu Building
681Uasin_GishuAnabkoiFamily Care Medical Center (FHOK) - EldoretNandi Road Eldoret, Opposite Naivas Supermarket, Next To Mtrh
682Uasin_GishuAinabkoiAfrihospital Holdings Limited- Lifecare Specialty Hospital eldoretEldoret - Nairobi Road, Opposite Daima Towers
683VihigaLuandaEquator Medical ServicesAt Luanda Along Kisumu Busia Road.
684VihigaHamisiJumuia Friends Hospitals - KaimosiOff Chavakali-Kapsabet Rd, Vihiga
685VihigaLuandaSagam Shepherds Medical CentreNarok - Bomet Highway, Enkare Building Ground Floor, Narok Town.
686VihigaVihigaMungoma HospitalMajengo Vihiga Rd
687VihigaLuandaGrams Healthcare Limited -LuandaKisumu - Busia Road Luanda
688VihigaVihigaItando Mission of Hope and Health CentreChavakili, Luyerere Kigama Road
689VihigaVihigaBliss GVS Healthcare-MbaleAlong Kakkamega Kisumu Road Next To Mbale High School
690WajirWajir East. Samaad HospitalWajir Moyale Road Opposite Old Grave Yard
691WajirWajir East. Alhamdu Nursing HomeHabaswein Town, Opposite Habaswein Police Station, A Long Habaswein Isiolo Road
692WajirWajir East. Plaza Maternity Nursing Home -WajirBehind Gk Prison Wajir
693WajirWajir East. Ladnan Hospital- WajirAirport Roads-Wajir Town
694WajirHabasweinMashaallah Nursing Home Habaswein Trading Centre Along Wajir Modogashe Road
695West_PokotAnabkoiBliss GVS Medical Centre - KabarnetIten Kabarnet Road-Lelbatei Building
696West_PokotOtherLilyion Nursing Home KapenguriaKaras Kitale Lodwar Highway
697West_PokotOtherBwena Medical Services -KapenguriaMakutano, Behind Barclays Bank
698West_PokotKapenguriaEquity Afia Medical Centre- KapenguriaIn West Pokot At Laikong House

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