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Easy access to benefits from your favourite insurer through M-TIBA

M-TIBA helps insurers digitise to give members 24/7  easy access to their insurance benefits, insights and limits through their mobile phones, while making sure healthcare providers are paid faster.

Access benefits from leading insurers

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Connecting the dots
from member to insurer and provider

4.8 million lives

5,000 connected healthcare providers

20 payers using
the platform

For individuals

Navigate insurance
with confidence

M-TIBA enables you to take control of your healthcare journey.

you're in control

broad provider network

24/7 support

simplified experience

For providers

Streamline workflows
for better care delivery

M-TIBA’s all in one platform helps providers reduce administrative burden, improve cash flow, and strengthen patient relationships

faster claims processing

seamless patient check-in

speed up routine tasks

24/7 support

For insurers

Smarter insurance
ops at scale

M-TIBA’s helps insurers digitise and deliver personalised, better value to their members and the connected healthcare providers. The platform provides real-time data insights for better decision making.

hassle-free policy management

accelerate claims and pre-authorizations

provider networks that create value

universal medical code library


Top 25 Companies that are Changing Lives in Kenya

ISO/IEC 27001 certified for information security and data management system

#7 of Fortune's Change the World List 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

M-TIBA is a platform that enables you to access your medical scheme and benefits.

M-TIBA is accessed by dialing *253# on your mobile phone or on the M-PESA App

  • M-TIBA enables you to access your medical benefit on your phone.
  • M-TIBA enables you to control your medical benefits directly from your phone via a PIN. You can initiate treatments for you or your loved ones from your phone, wherever you are.
  • You will always get an SMS notification after very utilization, indicating the amount you were billed for treatments.
  • You can view your benefit balances on the M-TIBA menu via their phone.
  • You can view, add your dependants, who will be eligible to be treated on your health cover benefit on their phone.
  • Your utilization is real-time, and the balances are adjusted after every treatment.
  • No more confusion on what you can access with your health cover, you are directly in control.
  1. Receive an SMS from M-TIBA that your insurance provided health cover is ready
  2. Dial *253# on your phone and choose a secure PIN for access
  3. During your first treatment, simply provide your fingerprint for faster identification
  1. Dial *253# on your phone
  2. Input 1 to sign in
  3. Enter your date of birth
  4. Identify yourself with ID or Passport
  5. Enter your ID or Passport number
  6. Enter your insurance membership number
  7. Set a pin

kindly call our toll-free customer service number 0800 721 253 incase you need assistance.

  1. Dial *253# on your phone
  2. Enter your M-TIBA PIN
  3. Select MY M-TIBA
  4. Select your organizations name
  5. Select balance
  6. View your balance per benefits

M-TIBA has partnered with more than 4,200 healthcare providers to get you the care you need.

Once you join, a provider panel will be shared with you, to let you know which health facilities you can visit.

In case you are away and your dependant is seeking treatment;

  • They’ll introduce themselves to the cashier that they are seeking services on M-TIBA
  • Share the primary member’s phone number for the provider to initiate the treatment on their behalf.
  • Dial *253# (Both Safaricom, Airtel and Telkom on the number registered on MTIBA).
  • Enter M-TIBA PIN (or press 1 if you have forgotten your PIN).
  • Press 1 to initiate a treatment.
  • Select recent clinic (1, 2, 3) or enter hospital’s Till Number (e.g. 465004)
  • Select patient to be treated.
  • Select Payment Method
  • Select benefit e.g My Health Funds either Outpatient/Dental/Optical as payment method.
  • Press 1 to Authorize.
  • You will receive an in-app message and a SMS with a transaction number.
  • After authorizing treatment, you’ll be required to verify your fingerprint in order to proceed.
  • You can now access the care you need.
  • Dial *253#
  • Enter your M-TIBA PIN (or press 1 if you have forgotten your PIN)
  • Select option 2: “My M-TIBA”
  • Select benefit eg. My Health Funds
  • The balance will be displayed against each category i.e. Outpatient/Dental/Optical.
  • In case of insufficient funds, you will be required to top up the difference in cash after seeking treatment.

If you can’t access your benefits, you can change it as follows;

  • Step 1 – Dial *253#
  • Step 2 – Enter M-TIBA PIN
  • Step 3 – Select option 4 “Help”
  • Step 4 – Select Option 2: “Change PIN”
  • Step 5 – Enter Current PIN
  • Step 6 – Enter New PIN
  • Step 7 – Confirm New PIN

You will receive an SMS notification confirming PIN change “Your PIN has been changed”.

If you have forgotten your PIN, you can reset it as follows:

  • Dial *253#
  • press 1 if you have forgotten your PIN
  • Enter date of Birth e.g. DDMMYYYY (01011963)
  • Enter Identification number
  • Enter new PIN
  • Confirm new PIN
  • Your PIN has been changed

You will receive an SMS notification confirming PIN change “Your PIN has been changed”.

You can also contact the M-TIBA Customer care for PIN reset support on 0800 721 253.

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