Kinga Afya: How Digitization Simplifies new Micro-Insurance Solutions for Uninsured Kenyans

  • Kinga Afya is an innovative micro-insurance program that leverages technology to offer affordable accident cover for daily commuters in Kenya.
  • This innovative solution drives health inclusion and tackles financial hardship after accidents. Already impacting over 400,000 lives it shows the power of digitization in developing micro insurance solutions for underserved population segments.

Imagine traveling for work or family, knowing a small accident could plunge your loved ones into financial hardship. Sadly, over 20,000 Kenyans face this reality every year due to out-of-pocket accident expenses.  

That’s why we teamed up with AAR Insurance Kenya to launch Kinga Afya, an affordable, simplified and technology-driven accident cover for daily passengers on popular routes like Nairobi, Karatina, Nyeri, Nyahururu and Nakuru.  

With M-TIBA’s technology, customizing affordable micro-insurance solutions for previously uninsured segments is now possible. Unlocking innovative product development.  

For just KES 40 per trip, Kinga Afya offers up to KES 250,000 coverage, ensuring peace of mind for passengers. Through self-onboarding, passengers can activate the cover at the start of the trip, enabling us to monitor and deliver reliable help whenever an emergency or accident occurs.  

Our monitoring system promptly responds to emergencies, dispatching ambulances and connecting the passengers to our healthcare provider network for treatment and post-accident care.  

Charles Miano, a Kinga Afya beneficiary experienced firsthand how the program protects and helps one overcome financial stress after getting into an accident.  

He shares, “Kinga Afya is a truly impactful initiative, it’s about the assurance that you won’t have to face the financial burden alone in case an accident happens.”

The impact: Over 400,000 Kenyans have been covered through their journeys, protected from high expenses in the unfortunate event of an accident.  

This shows how technology can positively impact lives in different segments – like the transportation industry – which serves millions of people daily.  

About Kinga Afya

Kinga Afya, an accident emergency cover in partnership with AAR insurance Kenya, runs on M-TIBA’s technology, shows the value of digitization in spearheading innovation in the healthcare industry.

How can technology help your business innovate in the micro insurance segment? Please email:

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