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How M-TIBA Works

Simple Guide: How to Access to your Jubilee Health Benefits

To Get Started:

  1. Receive an SMS from M-TIBA that your Jubilee health cover is ready
  2. Dial *253# on your phone and choose a secure PIN for access
  3. During your first treatment, simply provide your fingerprint for faster identification
  1. Dial *253# on your phone
  2. Input 1 to sign in
  3. Enter your date of birth
  4. Identify yourself with ID or Passport
  5. Enter your ID or Passport number
  6. Enter your Jubilee membership number
  7. Set a pin
  1. Dial *253# on your phone
  2. Enter your M-TIBA PIN
  3. Select MY M-TIBA
  4. Select your organizations name
  5. Select balance
  6. View your balance per benefits

Please contact M-TIBA (0800 722 001) minimum 48 hours before your treatment to be guided. 

At the hospital:

  1. Mention that you have insurance through the M-TIBA
  2. Mention your organization’s name
  3. The hospital will request pre-authorization from M-TIBA when you initiate the treatment
  4. Present your NHIF card to the hospital
  5. The Hospital will assist with the NHIF form and sign it
  1. At the hospital: Simply inform the receptionist or cashier you have insurance accessed through M-TIBA and share your organisation’s name 
  2. Choose approved healthcare providers: In case of emergencies, go to the nearest care
  3. Check your invoice: Before leaving the hospital, make sure everything is accurate. Only sign if correct
  4. Admitted? Show your M-TIBA and present your NHIF card to the hospital
  5. Need help? Call M-TIBA: We’re here 24/7! Dial 0800 722  001

About Jubilee Health Insurance

With over 85 years of experience, Jubilee Health Insurance is a leading health insurer offering comprehensive and cost-effective health insurance solutions.

Jubilee’s products cater to both individuals and businesses, covering in-patient, out-patient, maternity, dental, and optical care, along with efficient scheme administration.

In partnership with M-TIBA, a cutting-edge tech partner, we bring you world-class healthcare protection by ensuring simple access and management of your health benefits, making healthcare more accessible and convenient for you. 

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