M-TIBA & AAR Insurance, partner with eBee to offer e-bicycle riders healthcare covers.

Nairobi, October 4, 2023

M-TIBA has partnered with eBee, an electric mobility solutions provider that creates jobs for youth and women by providing last-mile delivery services on electric bicycles.

The partnership will enable over 200 eBee riders to get innovative healthcare cover of up to KES 200,000 through the innovative Kinga Afya cover.

The Kinga Afya healthcare cover is bundled in the pricing of the e-bicycles which enables riders to access quality health cover in an easy and intuitive way. Kinga Afya is powered by M-TIBA and underwritten by AAR Insurance Kenya.

“Through our partnership with eBee, we are able to bring the first-of-its-kind comprehensive accident cover to riders of eBee bicycles. Riders do not have to worry about any accident-related claims and reimbursements as the Kinga Afya covers settles hospital bills directly. In addition, Kinga Afya gives financial support to riders even after hospitalizations as they take their time to recover and get back to work. The M-TIBA technology makes sure that both the riders and eBee can access and manage the covers efficiently,” said M-TIBA CEO Pieter Prickaerts.

Mr. Prickaerts added that the partnership with eBee is strategic as it enables the rollout of the healthcare cover in the fast-growing e-mobility sector.

Beyond the direct settlement of the hospital bill, the benefits to riders include daily compensation during and after hospitalization, compensation in case of permanent disability, and payout in case of a fatal accident.

eBee said the Kinga Afya health care cover is critical to the well-being of the riders of eBee bicycles because of the financial and emotional protection that it will offer.

“Part of our DNA is to be empowering and to be human, which for us means ensuring our riders have peace of mind and access to medical care. Kinga Afya is that essential safety net that affords our riders the financial security they need when faced with challenges,” said eBee Africa Managing Director, Olivia Lamenya.

eBee added that Kinga Afya will first be available to riders on the Nairobi routes and later it will be scaled to other areas the company operates.

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About M-TIBAAbout E-Bee
M-TIBA is the leading health financing technology platform. It allows users to manage health payments on their mobile phones and makes health insurance easy & affordable. For insurers, M-TIBA makes the administration of healthcare covers efficient and customer-oriented.

For more information, please visit mtiba.com.
E-Bee is a Kenyan electric bicycle company. E-Bee sells, rents, and offers last-mile delivery services to individuals and businesses. E-Bee promotes environmental responsibility while providing a healthy, fun, and economical alternative to mobility.

For more information, please visit ebee.africa

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