No More Stock Outs Small Clinics Get Big Boost with new Access to KES 40M for Medicines and Supplies

  • M-TIBA, Medical Credit Fund, and MYDAWA partnership will enable healthcare providers to access credit of up to KES 40 million via a digitally enabled Cash Advance solution, to purchase essential medical supplies from MYDAWA.
  • The partnership will make sure healthcare providers have an uninterrupted supply of stocks of drugs and other items by making available working capital through the Cash Advance solution.

Nairobi, December 14, 2023: M-TIBA, Medical Credit Fund (MFC) have partnered with MYDAWA to introduce an innovative financing solution that will enable pharmacies, clinics, specialists, hospitals, caregivers, and other healthcare facilities to buy drugs and essential medical supplies.

Through this partnership, healthcare providers can access credit of up to KES 40 million, provided by the Medical Credit Fund (MCF) and accessed via M-TIBA’s Cash Advance solution to purchase medical supplies from MYDAWA, Kenya’s premier online pharmacy and pharmaceutical distributor.

Thanks to this partnership, healthcare service providers will have an uninterrupted supply of stocks of drugs, consumables and other items, by accessing working capital through Cash Advance.

“This partnership enables healthcare providers to offer quality patient care by providing access to high-quality drugs and essential medical supplies, even in the absence of immediate working capital. Thanks to this partnership, healthcare providers will no longer need to refer patients to other clinics due to a lack of medicines and consumables. Additionally, as we experienced that 72% of our Cash Advance clients use the digital loan for medicines, and the partnership with MYDAWA also simplifies the access to high-quality and affordable medical products, all leveraged through technology innovations”
said M-TIBA MD, Pieter Prickaerts.

MYDAWA on its part indicated that the partnership allows healthcare providers to meet the diverse needs of their patients and customers by ensuring quality and consistency.

“We have established strong partnerships with a wide network of manufacturers and distributors to ensure a consistent supply of high-quality drugs and other medical products. Healthcare providers should leverage this network, which has been designed to ensure they have a reliable source of high-quality products at competitive prices,” said MYDAWA Country Manager, Priscilla Muhiu.

Cash Advance is financed by the Medical Credit Fund (MCF) and has so far served over 750 healthcare facilities with loans worth KES 11 billion. Cash Advance uses data from M-PESA till transaction sales to generate loan limits and advances the credit digitally to private healthcare providers.


About M-TIBA

M-TIBA is the leading health financing technology platform. It allows users to manage health payments on their mobile phones and makes health insurance easy & affordable. Cash Advance, a product of the Medical Credit Fund (MCF) that runs on M-TIBA’s technology, shows the value of digitization for the healthcare industry.

As the repayment of the digital loans is automatically deducted from existing till transactions, risks are reduced, and loans can be offered against lower interest rates and more favorable conditions. This makes digital loans accessible for small clinics and pharmacies that were previously excluded from traditional loan facilities in the market Cash Advance provides financing to healthcare providers by providing working capital of up to KES 40M to improve the quality of care.

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MYDAWA is East Africa’s first digital end-to-end health care service, where customers can access online consultations with a doctor, shop genuine medication, personal care essentials, supplements, & more, all under one app. For more information, please visit:

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